Not on as much..

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Not on as much..

Hi ladies!
Sorry I haven't been keeping up with everyone - I've been lurking because it has been sooo busy! Like.. burning the midnight oil busy! Blum 3
We're trying to get our house fixed up and rented out, which alone is a chore, but then you throw in sorting for a moving sale, packing all of our stuff to be put in storage while we live in my parents' camper outside for a few months, putting our big dog up for adoption Sad .... along with the pressure of trying to procure funds to make our big move to Texas... things have been crazy.
...Oh yeah, and I've been working 5 days/week.. Blum 3 And our acupuncturist/nutritionist wondered why our diet had changed over the last 2 weeks.. ha! lol

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking, kicking hard to get everything finished, lol. AF should arrive today.. I thought it was gonna be yesterday but I'm not for positive when I O'd and my body's trying to reset, I think, so crazy stuff happening.. I've taken like 5 tests, all BFN, so just waiting it out now.. Smile

Probably won't be on much for the next month or so but will pop in every now & then and will definitely keep you posted on any exciting news that might happen to pop up (aka BFP ahem.. ahem.. lol)
I've been stalking pretty much all of you :rolleyes: Wink and am rooting for EVERY SINGLE ONE of you ladies!!!!
Love you all!!!! :bigarmhug:

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Goodd luckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

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OHHH good luck! Better KUP!! Glad to hear from ya!!!

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Best of luck with everything you have going on. I'm tired just reading it all!! Lol!

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You busy busy bee!!!!
I too am knackered just thinking about all you are doing!!
Good luck and keep us posted lovely one!!!
catch you on Facebook!!

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No worries, I understand Smile Rooting for you, too!