Official LAP/HSG results
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Thread: Official LAP/HSG results

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    Default Official LAP/HSG results

    So, I literally just got home from my appointment with the RE. Here is what she said about the surgery.

    Definately have endo, mild, but it's there and could be causing issues.

    My right tube is 100% blocked. She tried and tried to push the dye through but no luck. Anatomically, she could not see any reason why it's blocked though (the tube looks fine from the outside, not scarred or anything. Right ovary is fine.

    Left tube was fine, left ovary had the leftover bit of that stupid cyst when I was clomid, but she thinks it's probably totally gone by now. Left ovary was also adhered to the wall of my abdomen due to the endo. She fixed that (but endo can cause all kinds of things inside your abdomen to adhere - which is one of the side effects of it).

    From within my uterus she could not find the openings to either of my tubes. She wasn't concerned about this though as the dye went through on my left side fine so she doens't see why an egg wouldn't come through. She would have preferred to see the openings but not a huge deal.

    She sent some tissue away for biopsy (as per normal procedures for endo) and it came back normal.

    All in all, she wants to move to a more aggresive approach for treatment now. I told her I was ok with injectibles. We will do CD3 ultrasound to ensure no cysts, then start 5 days of injectbles. Then normal monitoring at CD10 to ensure I'm producing eggs. If they produce on the right - we just do our own timed intercourse. If they produce on the left, we do IUI. If no pregnancy after three tries, we reasess.

    So, that's the plan. Our problems all along could be the right tube blocked and left ovary stuck. With the adhesion, it could be that any eggs my left produced weren't getting to the tube. Not that she fixed that, I could be fine.

    Becuase we are visiting the in-laws at the beginning of my next cycle, we can't start until the end of September. That means the next two cycles we can try on our own and see what happens! If nothing, then injectibles come September!
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    Rachel, so glad you have some answers and a plan! Hopefully everything works out!!
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    This could be it Hun!!!!!!
    So pleased you have some answers!
    By the end of this year you will more than likely finally have your viable pregnancy!!!
    I am so excited for you.
    This is it!!!!!!!!
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    Wow, I am glad you got some answers! I hope you get pg on your own and won't need to do injectibles.... I am rooting for ya!!!

    Seraphina Grace 11/23/10
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    Great that you got answers Rachael!
    I am rooting for you!!
    Injections are not that bad, just expensive and a pain to do everyday and the time it takes to go for the ultrasounds adds up quick so my fingers are crossed that you get your BFP on your own!
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    Hi Rachael: sounds like a good appt. Similar to mine in that they don't see why my tubes are blocked (or partially blocked). I do have very mild endo, but nothing that my doc was concerned about. The injections aren't bad. I'm terrified of needles and I've been able to give myself the shots

    Ask them to give you the pen... not sure what your RE will put you on as far as meds, but Follistim and gonal-f come in pens and they are soooo easy.

    *HUGS* I really hope this is it for you. I'll be looking for your updates come September

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    Glad you were finally able to meet with your doctor and get some results. And I'm sure knowing that your tube has been blocked this whole time will help with the whole "unexplained fertility" diagnosis that's so hard. I think this is definitely a move in the right direction and glad she is doing monitoring so you can increase your chances for a BFP.

    And I pray that you get that BFP on your own before September!
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    So happy that you finally found out what is going on, at least you got treated and now have a game plan going forward. Looking forward to that BFP soon!!!!!
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    Rachael! I'm so glad that you got some answers @ long last.....!!! Everything sounds like you've got it under control & like you have a great plan in place - you sound pretty chipper, too...
    Ditto the others, I hope you get your sticky BFP before September!!!!!

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    Ditto what the others said, so glad you have answers and a plan in place! We'll all be cheering you on, for sure

    DD 2/'07

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