Oh great....

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Oh great....

NO AF!! So I figured I'd post this and jinx myself! Smile

Surgery is scheduled for this friday!!!!! :confused: This totally sucks, cuz if I'm not pregnant I will have a full blown AF for Friday!

And if I am, I can't be happy because OB told me that there is a huge risk of miscarriage due to the tumor. Sad


I have had very very loose stools for 4 days now with cramping... is this a symptom?? UGH!!!! Boobs dont hurt at all, no pre-af spotting or backache which is a sure thing for me!!! HELP!!!!!!

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I'm sorry Marisol! I will send you AF vibes, k??

I can't recall - did you have a fibroid?

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Yeah it's a fibroid...nothing yet.

I took a test and it was negative so I'm guessing she's just late.

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Ugh, that horrid witch! I hope AF comes soon for you and is gone by Friday. HUGS!

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but i'm sure if I were going on vacation she would have shown up just in time to ruin it!!!!

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This is the first time I actually want AF to come !!

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VERY slight spotting, i should have her full force by the morning. i will still put a call to the OB to see what she wants to do.

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Hugs Mari!!!!!!!

Totally sucky for you.

AF is something we have learned to hate and love in the same huge quantities in the game we are in!

Hugs to you my lovely

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Ugh. Sorry 2 What did the OB say?