Ok Ladies! It's a................ (pg ment)

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Ok Ladies! It's a................ (pg ment)

:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: GIRL!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

Well, we're 80% sure anyway Wink Personally that definitely looks like a "hamburger" to me, but at 16 weeks my doctor said, let's say 80% girl, lol! He seemed very sure though, but I guess to cover his butt didn't want to say 100%. So!!!!! We'll be baking a pink cake tomorrow to surprise my family with this Sunday (No FB comments, please!). We are so excited! DH and I had talked about a boy forever and just in the last few days had started to kinda want a girl...so crazy!

Sorry if the pic is a little fuzy, we didn't get prints this time, just a DVD, so this is a pic from the TV, lol! Wink

Eeep! Biggrin

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YAY!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!! Congratulations!!! So happy for you! Little girls are so fun, and I am sure she will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger in no time!! Congrats again!!!!

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OMG OMG!!!!!!!
A mini Manda!!!!!
Congrats my lovely lady!!!!!

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YAY for a girl!! Congrats!!! I would love to have another girl!!! Girls are fun...little bit of an attitude but still fun!! Smile

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Yay! Looks like a hamburger to me too!! Congrats!

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Congrats on your baby girl! She is beautiful!

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Aww howw aweessommeee!!!!