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Thread: one week later... m/c ment

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    Default one week later... m/c ment

    it's been a week since i lost the baby. i feel like i am healing, physically and emotionally. dh has been really great to me. he wasn't as supportive for the first two m/c in 2010 and we had a really serious talk... now he's 100% there for me.

    i miss the baby terribly. i work through the day and try not to think about it. night comes and i am so sad.

    on a more humorous note, dh and i haven't had sex in a long time. we haven't had sex since we conceived in aug! first, we abstained b/c it wasn't safe, then we abstained b/c we were too scared. now we abstain b/c we have to wait for the cervix to heal. we've stared to call each other "roommate" or "bff". what else can we do but laugh about it?
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    I am happy to hear that your DH is being supportive. It helps a lot. 6 months later there are still times I need my DH to hold me while I cry and remember my little one.

    Hugs and if you need to talk just let us know.
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    There support is so important and I think sometimes they don't realize. I don't think it's that they don't care they just don't see and feel things the way we do. I'm happy he finally came around!!

    LOL on the nicknames!!

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