(OT) got approved to buy a house!

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(OT) got approved to buy a house!

I feel bad posting happy news after seeing Shannons note. Sad

Last night DH and I met with a mortgage broker and we got pre-approved for a mortgage!! I'm excited!

We just have to save a little more between now and december to make the 5% down plus a few more $$ for closing costs. We are meeting with an financial planner next week to work out an aggressive plan to get on track.

So, we are going to start getting rid of junk and stuff we don't want to move with between now and October. In November we will start meeting with a realtor to start looking. We work for a bank and we will know our bonuses by end of November. With our bonus and savings by December we will be officially allowed to put in offers. December to February are the best times to buy here as people hate moving in December. Costs tend to be lower and more choice as less people are buying. The goal is to have a place by February!

Eek! So excited!

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Thats fantastic news Rachael!!!
So exciting!
I am so pleased its starting to come together for you.
I know you were worried this day would never happen...but look it is happening!!!!!
Just goes to show eh?!!
Can't wait til you find your dream home!
You deserve it!!!

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Great news! What bank do you work for - I work for TD (well for a few more weeks until I start at the CRA). Where in Ontario are you? I grew up in Whitby, still have some family there as well as in Newcastle.

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Oooo so exciting!!! House hunting can be stressful but I'm so nosy, I loooved looking @ different houses, hahaha... Can't wait til you announce you've bought a house!!! Biggrin

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Congrats Rach! I hope the financial planner can help you guys get a solid plan in place so that you can become homeowners soon Biggrin

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That's awesome Rachael, Good luck with everything!!

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Congrats! :goodluck:

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Congrats! Good luck and have fun looking at houses! Biggrin

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That's great news, Rachael. Just think, by Christmas you could be pregnant and in your new house! Eek!

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Thanks girls! I'm still so overwhelmed by it all. It's a great goal to work towards and I love that we have a plan now.

I think part of me was depressed for a while and not wanting to move forward in my life. I told DH that recently I just decided that I need to move on and make other goals and plans and if kids don't work out, so be it.

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Don't worry about me, Rachael!!

Buying a house is so exciting! I wish you all the best and hope you are able to find something that you can turn into a wonderful home for you & DH. :bigarmhug:

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YAY!!! How exciting!! I love house hunting, it is one of my favorite things Smile I hope you guys can find the perfect home for you guys.

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Great news! :woohoo: