OT HUGE dilema!

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OT HUGE dilema!


I just found out that my best friend growing up who is still a good, albeit distant, friend and who was a bridesmaid at my wedding is getting married October 27.

DH's cousin was his bestman at our wedding and DH is his bestman at his wedding.....also on October 27.

What on earth am I supposed to do. I can't logically miss either wedding!

I have seven weddings in the next year to attend. Never did I think two would be the same day!


I was just talking with co-workers and the consensus seems to be that we have to go to both...somehow. I have NO idea how this is going to work!

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Oh Man now that totally stinks!!!! Yeah if you can find a way to go to both I would as well.

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I guess it depends on where each wedding is at, maybe church for the one and reception for the other? Seven weddings is a lot!

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That stinks. Is there any way you can go to your friend's wedding & DH can go to his cousin's? I'm sure everyone would understand and at least one of you are at each wedding.