OT- Texas wildfires

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OT- Texas wildfires

Please pray for Texas! We haven't had over an inch of rain since January and are currently in, what the weather men are calling, an "exceptional drought." I think this morning they said to catch back up we would need over 25 inches of rain. :eek:

The wind picked up this weekend with the tropical storm that hit Louisiana and started wildfires all over the state, hitting the Austin-area the hardest. Thousands of acres are burned, neighborhoods evacuated, schools closed, animals transported, etc. DH and I are about 50 miles from the biggest fire in Bastrop. Even this far away the skies are black/red and the smell of smoke is overwhelming. On Monday the ash was blowing our way and literally looked like snow falling.

Please pray for us! Winds, RAIN, firefighters, stranded animals, displaced families all need your prayers.

Has anyone heard from Jina? She's in the Austin-area, I hope she's okay.

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BIGGG PRAYYERRSSS please be safe !! Your family too me !!

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Huge prayers to you Amanda and all surrounding you!
Please try and stay safe!
Keep us updated sweets!!

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Praying for you!! I hope you guys get some much needed rain soon!! Stay safe!

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Yes please do! I'm lucky there's nothing coming to the Metroplex it seems, but lots of my west/central TX friends are scared!