Our new RE is AWESOME!

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Our new RE is AWESOME!

I was almost in tears at just how awesome he is! He is so exactly what DH and I needed! He totally was thinking the same things we were!

I'm at work so I can't write long. Here is the summary:

-he did NOT recommend IVF for us (YAY!) because he thinks our issue is not a mechanical issue but a "getting and staying pregnant" issue. He thinks IVF would be a waste.
-I had to get a 3D ultrasound today (luckily they had time to do it right then and there) so he can plan another LAP surgery for me. He wants to remove the cyst on my left ovary and re-test my tubes and check out my uterus. He wasn't confident in the report from my last LAP that they checked everything right as they report said "unable to get a good view of the uterus". The 3D U/S should tell him what issues may need to be fixed in the LAP.
-I have more than one fibroid in my uterus and they may need to be removed. I knew I had at least one, but the last RE said it wasn't an issue. He needs to check where they are and assess it.
-DH's sperm count is more than 5X the normal avg so he doesn't think we need an IUI. He thinks if he can remove the cyst, double check the tubes, and remove any fibroid causing issues, then we should be able to get preggers on our own.
-He is going to review our immune issues as he is very interested in that side as well. We may need to get testing done in the USA (LOL) because the testing isn't done in Canada yet. Unfortunately that costs $2500 or more so...lets hope we don't have to do that. He may work with my allergist/immunologist though to see if she finds anything wrong.

All in all, I got 8 vials of blood taken today, and he will call us next week with the results of the blood work and ultrasound and give us a plan. I presume he will schedule a LAP next which will be oh so much fun! At least it will be at the new hi-tech hospital here that only opened up a few years ago.

Either way, he's awesome and I'm really hopeful and happy to be working with this guy!

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so happy for you! sounds like a great doctor!

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That's fantastic news Rachael!!! I'm so glad you've found such a great RE and are moving forward! Smile

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Yay for a new doc and such, that's really great about being able to TTC on your own down the road. Smile

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Sounds like my amazing RE (Spadina and Bloor area by any chance?)!!! It can make such a difference to have a great RE!(and not in the obvious way, just having that trust and true feeling they are on your side)

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That is fantastic. There is nothing better than having a doctor that you trust and care about. Good luck

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Serious happy dance going on here!!
I am convinced that 2012 will still be our year!!!!!!

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Serious happy dance going on here!!
I am convinced that 2012 will still be our year!!!!!!

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That is great news. I'm soooo happy you have an awesome doctor that means everything. Without my endocrinologist I would never of got my sugars under control. He listens to me and says I know my body the best. I hope you get your BFP really soon you deserve it. Good luck

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