Ovary pain

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Ovary pain

Hi ladies,
I'm in my 2ww (I test on Friday) after my IUI #3 and I'm having weird pain in my right ovary. Its not regular cramping, it's totally localized to a small area the right. Anyone had this reaction before?

We used femara, bravelle and ovidrel this time...maybe a reaction to them? Although I feel like it's too far past my IUI for drug reactions...any thoughts? Thanks!!

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Could also be a bit of bowel pain....are you constipated at all?
I mistake pain in my ovary for bowel pain all the time....
It could very well be something else though...but I don't have any experience on the drugs so can't comment...sorry.
Can't wait til you test Friday...rooting for you!
Why don't you add your testing date to the testing Sticky?
Be good to get that started again. Smile

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Awww - you're so sweet to think about my bowels! ROFL No, but seriously, everything in that area is working fine. Maybe it is the meds...guess we'll see in 2 days!!

So, how do I add the sticky?

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Hmm.... afraid I'm not much help as I've had ovary pain in the 2ww (unmedicated cycles) & BFN.. Sad Like Liz, I thought of maybe it was because I was constipated? lol.. or it could've been a cyst? I really don't know.. aaagh! Don't you wish sometimes that you had a panel on your stomach that told you what was going on in there?...

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I don't remember much about my first two medicated cycles, but with this last one my ovaries hurt well into the 2WW. At one point I remember turning over on my stomach at night because they felt so swollen and I wanted to "supress" them. Those drugs do a lot to our ovaries!