ovidrel ???

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ovidrel ???

I was givin ovadrel to make me o and then my doc told me a week later to do one more injection of the ovidrel? how long should i wait before testing i gave my self the 1st shot on the 19th and the second on the 26th so i am assuming i am 10 or 11 days past o if i dont start by the 7th i am to go in to the doc but i dont think i can wait that long what is your guys oppinion???

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Depending on how much you get, they say 1000 leaves your system per day. So if you got 10,000 miu, I would wait 10 days from that shot. Although many women "test it out" of their system and watch it fade so that they know for sure.

As for me, my Ovidrel never tested out. It got lighter until 8 dpo, then started getting darker again. By 11 dpo, it was clear it was not the Ovidrel any longer! GOOD LUCK!!!