peekin out from under my rock ....

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peekin out from under my rock ....

Hey gals,

Thought I'd pop in today to say "hello" and see how you all are doing Smile

It's been a wee bit since I've been here - I see there are alot of new faces (hello!!) and there are some old friends here :bigarmhug:

Little update on me:

Had testing done for sleep apnea and found out I have moderate apnea so now I get to go to sleep with a CPAP machine. The test results showed that I only intake 60% of the oxygen I should be taking in (everyone should be at 100%) when I do breathe and that I stop breathing every 3 minutes. Since I've been sleeping with the machine (I sound like Darth Vader with it on - tee hee - sooo sexy!) I am waking up with WAY more energy and no headaches or tinglie feet and legs Yahoo

Adoption application papers are going to be submitted here this coming Wednesday - long paper process just to apply but that's okay as I'm sure it's all worth it. Have to get a copy of our marriage license and birth certificates notarized and then it will be ready to send in the mail ~ that will be done on Wed this week Yahoo

Still have to do the bloodwork regarding clotting - have to make an appt to get that done for DH and I.

I do have a confession ..... I thought I was good on letting go TTC and just going fwd with adoption, but after some soul searching and relaxing on our current break, I find that I want to do both! So we shall see if it's in the cards for us. I called my RE and she said that it was ok to go head with one cycle of Clomid if I chose and we'll see how that goes. We've been taking herbal suppliments for fertility and I've been doing acupuncture ... maybe just maybe there will be a miracle and with the combination with the herbs and acupuncture and CPAP machine --I plan on taking the Clomid in September - I have a good feeling about Sept Smile

~ tacie

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Yay (well, not yay, but you know what I mean) about finally getting a diagnosis. CPAPs are interesting machines!

In the back of my mind I'm hoping that it's was just the SA that was causing your issues and you will finally get your BFP soon!

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I was JUST about to post a new thread asking how you were doing!

Have you talked to the doctor about whether that may be the cause of the reocurring m/c?? 60% seems crazy low?? If that is the cause, isn't this good news for future?

Also, CONGRATULATIONS on adoption moving forward - so, so happy for you!!!

KUP! Smile

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Thanks gals!

It was the sleep apnea that was the trigger that brought on the realization that I am not ready to put TTC behind me

60% is crazy low -that is what they are most concerned about. I am really REALLY hoping that it is the reason why we never have had a sticky bean -- there's no case studies with a link to m/c and sleep apnea but I am thinkin that it should have something to do with it .... not enough oxygen means your body is going to cut out any extras that it needs to. We shall see!

I am excited to get the adoption application papers in the mail .... it will be the most exciting stamp I ever put on an envelope! hahaha!

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Thats good that the machine is working maybe this will help get you ypur bfp !! Good luck !

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HEY! I was just thinking of you the other day. So glad you got things looked at, I know first hand how dangerous sleep apnea is. I know the machine stinks BUT you have to use it!!!!

Glad to hear you have got the ball rolling with adoption. My SIL was just telling me that a friend of hers was in a similar situation and decided to adopt. While finalizing the adoption of their child, she found out she was pregnant. She ended up with 2 babies! Smile Hopefully you will have the same luck!!!

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So exciting! Biggrin

(Though I know CPAP machines aren't that exciting, but at least you won't suffer from lack of oxygen anymore!)

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PS: So glad you came out from under the rock. I was about to send out a search party for you! Biggrin

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Hey sweetie
So pleased to hear such positive news from you.
So pleased you are finally sorting your sleep and now know exactly what you want to do!!!
REally happy. Smile

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Tacie, that is wonderful that you're starting to feel better!!! It sounds like the last bit of this summer & upcoming fall will be exciting, busy times for you.. Smile
I getcha with the TTC vs adoption thing.... right back @ ya...:) I hope everything will work out wonderfully for you - one way or another, you're going to get your baby!!! Biggrin

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Oh Tacie! So glad that you posted! :bighug: Can't wait to stalk you in September! Wink

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So glad to hear from you. Hope that it will work out for you for Sept. Smile

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Hey girl!! Glad to hear that you got everything figured out with your sleep!! I will also be stalking you in Sept. Smile

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Tacie! I'm glad you posted, I've been thinking about you and hoping things with the sleep apnea and adoption have been going well for you. CrAzY to think you were down to 60%; I'm so glad you saw someone and got everything straightened out. Whew!

KUP on the adoption and TTC plans. And don't be a stranger Biggrin