Perfect scheduling! (m/c mention)

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Perfect scheduling! (m/c mention)

Back in Feb when I did my first clomid and iui, which worked but ended in a chemical pregnancy, it worked out perfectly as I was on my evening/work from home shift. That meant I was able to do it with more privacy as I didn't have to get management approval to move around my schedule.

Well, my cycles are pretty normal, avg 29/30 days. I did the math and if I have two cycles that don't go longer than that, CD 10 (when I start going to the clinic for blood and ultrasound daily) will fall on the weekend before I start my work from home week again!!

I think it's a sign!! Yay! I've been stressing about having to get permission from my manager an I likely won't have to now. Smile

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That's great Rachael! I really hope everything goes smoothly and you come out with a bfp and super sticky bean!!! Best of luck!!

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Congratssss Rachael!! I was looking to do an IUI after i check my tubes Smile

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That's great, Rachael. Definitely a good sign!

I'm stressing about scheduling if this IUI cycle doesn't work out. I have to be at work at 7am and my doctor's office doesn't open until 8am. If I need to go in for monitoring I will have to take a 1/2 day each time. We only get 5 sick days a year and whatever we can save up is our maternity leave (paid.) I think I have about 20 days saved so far but was hoping to add to that this year.

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That's awesome Rachael! Happy that it worked out for you! Smile

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Keeping everything crossed for you hun!!!
Fate may have a hand in this!!!

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OOOOO!! Taht is awesome! It has to be a sign!!

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Rachael - you know I love to lurk you - I will be keeping my eye on you and I will have everything crossed for you!!!! This could just be the perfect timing for you!!!!

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Yahoo Hopefully you'll be knocked up in no time! Yahoo

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Awesome! :thumbsup:

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I TOTALLY agree with it being a possible sign! Smile

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Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I hope hope hope everything will line up beautifully with your schedule!!! Biggrin