Poking my head in...

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Poking my head in...

Hi ladies,

My name is Elizabeth, and my DH and I have been TTC for over two years now. Well, technically the past few months we haven't been TTC. I just had back surgery that had complications which ended up meaning another back surgery and a month long hospital stay.

I am recovering nicely now and am looking forward to TTC again. The problem is I haven't ovulated in a while (I usually chart my BBT) and am pretty sure I have PCOS. I am in the process of making an appointment with my doctor to discuss options, and I'm preparing myself to go on a PCOS/Insulin Resistance diet.

I just wanted to say hi; I've lurked this board forever because I didn't feel like I fit in on the 0-24 months board.

So, after a rough 2012, I hope 2013 brings us all a bit of luck! Smile

Best wishes!

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Hi there!
I'm glad you came over Smile (though I'm sorry you are having enough trouble that you need to...)
I'm sorry about your back surgeries, that sounds awful! I'm glad you're recovering well.

I hope everything works out wonderfully and that you have lots of luck with TTC in 2013.

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Hi there

I too am sorry you have had to join us..but very glad to see you too.

Hope 2013 brings you your wishes and dreams.

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Thanks for the welcomes! Smile I feel like I know you all so well since I've been sort of following your journeys over the past years. I sound like such a stalker! lol

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I mostly lurk, as I am no longer ttc. I wanted to welcome you to our little group! I'm sorry you've been having trouble ttc, and have had back surgeries. So glad you are recovering nicely now! Wishing you all the best in 2013!

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Just wanted to say good luck Elizabeth! Hoping 2013 is your year!!!

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Glad you're recovering well - hope you have zero setbacks and can reach full health again very soon. Smile
I truly hope that 2013 will bring wonderful things for you!!!!

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Elizabeth!!!!!!!!! Ive missed you!!! How are you?!

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Welcome! Best of luck to you in 2013... sending tons of baby dust your way! Hope your back heals quickly as well...