poping over to say hi (childment)

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poping over to say hi (childment)

I just wanted to say hello ladies, i really miss this board, even if tho i am a grad. It seems like i spent so much time over here, and now i hardly spend anytime on the boards at all now that Lilly is here, and almost 8 months since she was born. I kind of miss having so much spare time. I should be paying attention to Dh right now, lol.

I hope many of you have graduated from here, and wanted to say hi to all my ladies who are still on their journey. good luck and happy ttc. oh and go try and have some fun why don't you.

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Hey Chris! :wavehello: Thanks for stopping in to say Hi, it's good to know you're doing well. Lilly sure is a cute pie Biggrin

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Oh chris, she is really beautiful!!!!!