Posting for Liz *Ninja has arrived!*

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Posting for Liz *Ninja has arrived!*

Edward Michael Patrick
Born 6 lbs 5 oz at 9:41 am
Both mom and baby are doing great!

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:lurk: Liiiiiiiiiiz!!!!!! SOOOOO HAPPY for you! WTTW baby Edward! He is perfect and beautiful in every way. Crying over here lady. What a happy day on PO!

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Liz I am SO excited for you!!!! He is beautiful!! Huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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omg Liz!!! How perfect!! And precious! What a little sweetheart. So so so so happy for you!!! There aren't even words. Enjoy every second honey!! Smile

Oh and please come back and give us lots more pics of your handsome little man soon!!

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Congrats Liz!!! He's gorgeous, enjoy!!! You totally deserve every blessed minuted and that includes the dirty nappies, hehe.
/big hugs!!