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Prayers please

I know I haven't been around much lately and I don't usually ask for these requests, but my sister is going through a hard time and could use some positive thoughts and prayers sent her way. My sister and I don't really get along but we are trying to be better (there's a lot of bad blood between us from our growing up years).

This is my sister (I've mentioned her before) who has a severly disabled son. He's...8 this year I think, in a wheelchair, doesn't talk, walk, hear well or see well. He has a permanent feeding tube and all kinds of other health issues.

She is also 34 weeks pregnant with her second child (different father too).

Last week the CAS (children's aid society) visited her to investigate a claim of child neglect. So far it's still in the investigation phase and the person who reported her is one of the caregivers at the special "school" her son goes to. Admitedly, she doesn't take the best care of him, but she does what she can. She doesn't have a highschool education, doesn't work, and is somewhat illiterate (she gets by barely, but has serious reading and writing problems). She lives in the rental apartment my parents own (she pays less than the rent my parents could make off the unit, but she does pay something to them from her welfare cheque each month). The new father of this second child is a genious...literally... but so smart that he has no social skills whatsoever, can't hold down a job or anything, no concept of time, etc.

Also, this is the second claim she's had against her from CAS with these issues. And if they take her son away, they will also take away her new baby (also a boy) when he's born.

She already had, prior to pregnancy, serious blood pressure issues. As a result of this stress, she was in the hospital all last weekend due to pre-e symptoms. She's back today after she was let out Tuesday for more NST tests and whatnot. As of now, they aren't letting her go home.

This is going to make the issues with CAS worse. The new baby daddy is good with her son when she's there, but he's not all that competant alone. They also have a dog. He can take her son to his parents house for help, but they won't have the dog. Therefore they were going to leave the dog alone at her house and just have someone let her out twice a day (which I don't agree with at all - a dog needs to go out minimim 3 times a day).

It's just a whole bad situation right now. I'm on the fence about the CAS thing - If they can offer her some programs or counselling or something to get her in a better position, then I don't mind them being involved. I'm more concerned about her and the baby right now. The baby has a few more weeks to bake at least so here's hoping she can find some help for her son and dog at home (not sure who as my parent's aren't retired yet and no one in our family can help out) so that she can de-stress.

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T&P are with you and your family at this time -- hope that some clarity will come your way and the best outcome for everyone involved.

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What a nightmare.
Thinking of youball. Hope things get better.

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Rachael you and you sis will be in my prayers

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Will definitely pray. Hope everything works out for the best.

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Rachel, so sorry to hear this!! I will keep you in my prayers. :bighug:

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Thanks everyone. The hospital let her go home yesterday but she has to go back in a few days again (over and over every few days until the baby is born). It sucks for her though as she lives an hour away and doesn't drive so she has to take transit which is an extra stress. They put her on some high powered blood pressure meds though because she's allergic to the regular ones that a doc would prescribe. So far things are ok.

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Sorry to hear this, I'm happy that even though theres bad blood you worried about her, maybe you guys can sweep some things under the rug. I'll pray that theres a quick fix to this

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What a tough situation! Hoping it all works out for the best for everyone involved!

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Oh man much thoughts and prayers to your sister and family