Probably can't do any TTC/cycles until November!

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Probably can't do any TTC/cycles until November!

While it sucks, it's probably a good thing in the long run. I met with a new allergist/immunologist last week and after giving her the run down on my medical history and concerns, she strongly suspects I have some kind of immune issue that is likely affecting my fertility. She's not a fertility expert by any means though, but she's hoping she can give me a diagnosis of some kind though as the treatment is all the same (IVIG) and with treatment I should be able to conceive she thinks.

The reason though that we can't TTC/do a cycle with the new fertility clinic until November is because she wants to test me for why I can't build immunities to things (my blood is missing antibodies for all the sickness/vaccinations I've had and no one seems to know why). If I can't make antibodies, that's a huge problem. The way I found out is because of the MMR vaccine - I've had it seven times and no antibodies show up at all in my blood. She wants to give it to me again and take weekly blood tests to see what my body does in reaction to the vaccine. The problem is, the MMR vaccine can cause birth defects so I have to wait 3 months after getting it. I won't be doing this until August so technically we can TTC until then, but it's not like we've had much luck with that in the last five years, right?

So, I'm happy to have a plan for now. I'm getting back into my weight loss/healthy eating too now that we are in the new house. I have three weddings to go to in the next year starting in October too, so I want to lose another 20lbs at least so I can look super awesome!

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I am so happy that finally you have someone being so productive!!
This must be such a relief that someone is finally making a plan and giving answers!!
I understand how frustrating the waiting is... But as you say it will only give answers and get you sorted!!
I am really excited to watch you move forwRd!!
Maybe the journey begins properly now!!!!

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Maybe the allergist is right and that fixing that issue will help fix the fertility issue. :bigarmhug: I wish you the best of luck while testing. It doesn't sound fun at all. :goodluck:

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I agree!! I think this might be the best thing right now! You don't want to start fertility treatments and have them fail because in the end you had an underlying problem they couldn't detect. Wishing you the best of luck!!! :bighug:

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Thats great that you will finally get answers you need !! Hopefully this will work out in your favor !!!! Good luck !

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Glad you're finding out what might be the root cause of your fertility problem. I hope after a summer of fun that you'll be ready and not too long before a BFP comes along! Smile

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Thanks girls. I'm happy but also sick of the waiting. I only have a max of $6000 coverage for fertility meds so I want to make sure any further cycles I do are going to be as successful as possible!