Quick update here (pg mention, twins)

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Quick update here (pg mention, twins)

I've hit a milestone...9 weeks! Had a scan this morning and both babies are looking great, heartbeats of 176 & 182, my subchorionic hematoma has shrunk too. Whew! Smile Looks like we're going all the way here... to birth. My fertility clinic officially released me too, bit of a sad day, they were really wonderful to us. I'm still feeling sick, legs hurt a lot, achy, tired, but the morning sickness is better. I am taking those Mommy Bliss Morning Sickness pills three times a day and I think they do wonders.

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Absolutely thrilled for you!!!
Seriously lost for words!!
congratulations lovely lady!!!
Couldn't be happier!!!

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OMG, how wonderful!!!! What a blessing!!!!! :bighug:

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SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! YAY!!!!! Congrats!!!!

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Whohoo! Congrats!! So happy for you!!

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Great pic!!! So happy for you!! Biggrin

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I am SO very happy for you! Congrats on being released...what a wonderful graduation! Yahoo

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So happy for you!

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Awwww hii cutiessss!!

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What wonderful news!! I'm so happy your little blessings are doing so well!!

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Yay twins!!!!!!

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Congrats!! What beautiful babies you have!

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I'm so happy for you Jennifer. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

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Ahhhhhh, what beautiful babies! Such a WONDERFUL sight! Over the moon happy for you, Jennifer!!! Yahoo

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Congrats Jennifer! That's amazing! HH9ms to you! Yahoo

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just saw this congrats!!