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RE appointment

So, I had my follow up RE appointment today. All testing was great and we are good to go next cycle. I am expecting CD 1 coming next Monday or Tuesday. Things are happening quickly!

On Saturday I will be at CD35 and have to have a beta taken. I am certain it is negative as I was in Toronto when I was Oing. Hard to get pregnant when your hubby is not even in the same province as you are...

Anyway that is the good news.

The bad news is that my RE is giving me 6% chance of getting pregnant and 40% chance of staying that way. Not great odds but that is what I have to go with.

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Well it's good you are good to go Smile LOTS of good vibes out to you!

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Try not to read in to the stats too much. I'm so excited for you!! All the best with your next cycle!!! Smile