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RE appt

Hey ladies. Well heres the rundown of our appt! Smile

Our first plan will be IVF. SA is too poor and that's her first option. DH is redoing it this week (TUesday) and if it comes back significantly better then we will do IUI first. Either way it will start next cycle. OMG 2 weeks from now!!!

I had tons of blood work done and an U/S! She wanted to check out the ovaries and uterus. Since I happen to be Oing, I was able to see 9 follicles in the left ovary and like 3 or 4 in the right. One follicle was about 17 mm I believe big so she said that will be released soon. Her concern however is that I may be releasing prematurely since my cycle is 25 days and i O on CD 11 or 12. Since it was already CD10, that is one theory....

They changed the guidelines for women TTC in terms of thyroid numbers and at thsi point my thyroid levels are considered high, so that was repeated. If it comes back the same I will have to take thyroid meds.

She does not believe that i have pcos...

My uterus she said looks wonderful! Smile

So it call came down to the SA and some of my bloodwork which was a little high and the fact that I may be releasing premature eggs.

OH and i Have to get clearance from a cardiologist due to the high BP to start IVF. SO i have to do that this week! I was so freaked out when I saw those follicles!!! AMAZING!!! I think I covered everything! It was so much info!!

I'm so nervous!!!!!

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This is very exciting and wonderful news!!
No pcos!!! Yay!!
Thyroid... Don't worry I have an underactive thyroid... And many ladies... Meds are safe in oregnancy and also.. Not sure if it's the same there.. But all prescriptions are free for life!!!

When do you get results back from latest tests?

What's the remedy to premature oing?

Can't believe you get to start everything so soon!!
Amazing how once you get answers things move forward so fast!!!

I am beyond excited for you!!!!

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Marisol, I'm so excited for you!!! That is so great you have so many follicles and no PCOS. My natural cycle was like that, around 25 days long and usually Oing on CD12. I'm currently undergoing IVF right now, if you have any questions, let me know. I also found that the IVF Boards here helpful, so if you have questions or need some additional support, don't be shy to intro yourself there and post! Good luck!

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Marisol!!! It sounds like great news!!! Oh, I hope all the things you are waiting for come out exactly as you need/want them so you can get started very soon!

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YAY!! Thats awesome!! I am so happy for you!! I know you have been trying for so long!!!

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Thanks girls!! I am excited to start the IVF "regime" soon, although from what I've read it is an annoying process. I could always end up doing the IUI, but the doctor didn't think that DH's SA was going to be that much greater since it was so low but I mean I guess you never know right...

Liz-you know we didn't get into it. Her decision was based solely on DH's SA I believe. I guess my issues are not great enough or maybe with my issues I could have probably still gotten pregnant. She said she would call us with the results. I also have to go back on the first day of my period to get bloodwork and then I go several other times. I guess thats how the IVF starts out.

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So glad you have a plan Marisol! Sounds like it will move fast too. Good luck! Definitely stop by the IVF board. It's been a great help to me as I've been going through IVF.

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Ugh thank goodness you found a solution!!! Good luck !!!

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That's great you have a plan! Smile So excited for you!! Wishing you all the best!!

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Marisol, I'm so glad you have answers and a plan. Good luck Smile

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Keep me posted on what happens with IVF. I too have a slight hypothyroid. Even with meds, it can fluctuate to 7 or 10 or whatever. Since starting levothyroxin, my dose has increased from 75 to 150. It's very manageable if you have an RE who follows up with you. Every time I've been pg, my thyroid slows down and the number climbs. I joke that my thyroid doesn't like me pregnant.

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LOL! I'm interested in my numbers, I'm very anxious for the RE to call me back with the results.

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Yay Marisol! So glad you have a plan in place and it all will happen so soon! I'm sure this makes you feel better, to have a PLAN in place. Praying for peace of mind and excellent results from all the tests.

LOVE that you were able to see all your follicles! Such a beautiful sight!

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Hey ladies. The nurse just called and told me "you are not ovulating soon, and the dr will be calling you with the results of the bloodwork in the next couple of days." UGH! WTF!! I had 9 follicles (one which was nice and big already) and now I'm not Oing!!! I mean she did suspect that I was Oing premature eggs but I don't know. It just felt so vague you know...I want more info. I will wait though especially since not all results are in. DH does the new SA tomorrow morning, so I will be patient so we can just go over everything in one shot I guess.

Darn, I guess all this time I was not Oing normally!!