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Thread: refocus?

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    Default refocus?

    so, since IF struck in 2009, i've placed my energy in something i can control - my career. does anyone else do this? what do you put your energy and heartache towards to help you maintain sanity?

    i'm just curious. i know we all cope somehow.

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    I have found that focusing on the blessings I have in my life has helped me. And I'm also planning on going back to school to make a career change. I'm in a bit of a different situation in that I've had to stop all fertility treatments (in 2010 I was told I have premature ovarian failure) so chance of me conceiving is very very slim (heck we've already gone 7.5 years without birth control). I still have my moments and I'm sure I always will. It's very hard to let go of a dream you've always had, but I've been learning I have to accept what has happened and make new dreams for myself. Like you said, focusing on things I can control in my life.

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