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So the hysteroscopy showed I have at least on fibroid. I need surgery sometime next month to have it removed. She said it is probably the main cause of my infertility but definitely the cause of my very heavy periods. I'm not allowed to try anymore so I"m very upset, also I can't try for 2 months after the surgery. She said that a pregnancy would not be a good thing right now since the fibroid is in my uterus.

I'm so sad, but happy that I finally found the answer to why I can't conceive. I don't know why DH still needs to get the SA, but I'm not going to rush him at this point to get it done since we can't try right now anyway.

Okay girls, I'm in some pain so I'm going to lay down a bit. Sad

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Oh, Marisol, I'm so sorry. But at least now you have information and can start your plan.

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I'm so sorry Marisol. I guess we are in the same boat. It sucks and I hope these next few months fly by for both of us.

Rest up. :bigarmhug:

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so i was very upset, i'll admit crying and all. i know it's not something that is considered serious but the thought of that on my uterus scares the crap out of me. my phone rings and it's my dad and he's like quick look out the window and on top of my house is the most beautiful rainbow i've ever seen. it was huge and right over the house. I immediately thought of my mom, and some may think it's silly, but i looked at it as maybe something good will come of this. i don't know the timing was just so ironic.
just had to share...:)

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So sorry, girl. Hang in there. So neat about the rainbow Smile

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So sorry Marisol ******HUGS****** That is so awesome about the rainbow someone knew you needed to see it Smile

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So sorry hun, but also pleased you have answers too.
I hope that by the end of the year you have a swelling tummy. Smile
The rainbow sounds wonderful. Smile
A sign maybe. Smile
Hugs sweetheart.

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I'm sorry that you got that scary news, but I'm glad they found something that explains what's going on. I hope this time goes by fast for you!

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Sorry about the bad news and having to wait a few months, but after it's gone, you should be good to go! From what I understand, fibroids can be inside the uterus, in the wall of the uterus, our on the outside of the uterus. Only when they are on the inside do they cause problems. I have one in the wall of my uterus which my RE said shouldn't cause any issues.

Hopefully the surgery goes well and you can TTC soon!