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Hi girls. Posting from my phone so this will be short.

Surgery went well. I don't have much info other than a short note from the RE. I do have mild Endo, which they burned off some of. Cyst has shrunk which is good.

Bad news is my right tube is blocked but left tube is ok. But the left side is where I have the cyst that grows and shrinks each cycle with my hormones. I don't know until I speak to the RE what our options are now. Based on what the doc dh while I was in recovery is the cyst was too small to remove safely without damaging my ovary.

So, back to the couch for me. TTFN.

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I have been thinking of you today, wondering how things went. I am glad it went well, I hope that once you get the full report you will be able to make a game plan that works. Did they say your right tube was completley blocked? Over time will the cyst shrink its self away? Thinking of you!!! (((((HUGS)))))

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Thanks. I only got a short note from the RE. I'll have to wait until I see her to get more details. I'm just shocked to hear about the blockage. And being that this stupid cyst is always on the left with every ultrasound I've had, I don't know what our options are. Grr....

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Thanks for the update. Glad the cyst has shrunk but sorry about the blockage Sad Let us know as soon as you hear something more :bigarmhug:

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First, I'm sorry that the procedure found things (well, happy, but not... I'm sure you know what I mean)..

Second, is it possible that the cyst that you are talking about being on the left with each u/s is actually on the right, but that you see it on the left? I'm not trained with u/s, but I thought I was looking at my left side when we were actually looking at my right side due to the angle of the wand. :dontknow:

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Hi Rachel,

I've been following your journey for a while now. I'm so glad you managed to convince your doc to do the lap. I'm so sorry about the blocked tube and the cyst, though!

Are you aware of the OHIP policy to partiallty subsidize IVF in the advent of blocked tubes? Now, I know you only have one blocked one, but maybe your RE can figure some loophole because of the cyst on the other side.

Before I found out I was pregnant, I was all set to do IVF in London, ON at this clinic:
The RE is super nice, and is a real advocate of OHIP fully subsidizing IVF, and I think he actually will do it for free if you have blocked tubes. They are able to offer lower rates because all the work is done out of the London Hospital, which cuts down on his overhead. After really cr@ppy treatment here from my clinic in Edmonton, dealing with him and his staff was like heaven...

Oh, and IVF is tax deductible in Ontario...

Good luck and keep the faith! You've got some answers now--they must be able to find some solution for the cyst...

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In too late to offer anything ditto what the ladies say.
Hopefully the tube can be unblocked?
Keep us posted on it all Rachael.
I am so sure they will have a successful plan of action for you.
I have faith. Smile

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Thanks Eva, I totally forgot about that! DH is somewhat against IVF so we shall see, but at least there is hope out there for me.

I'm hoping that her note actually meant "right tube WAS blocked" not "right tube is blocked". I have to call the nurses at the clinic today anyway so maybe they can tell me. I feel stupid because I forgot to ask enough details about after care. They said I could shower normally and to just wash the sutures then cover with a bandaid after. BUT I didn't ask what kind of sutures they are! They didn't tell me to go get them removed so I assume they are dissolvable? We also have no bandaids so I have to wait until DH comes home from work to bring me some so I can shower.

Do you think it's ok to wait until later today to remove the dressings and wash them? The dressings are on pretty tight and closed up and I'm worried to remove them without DH here and he won't be home until 5PM.

Also - getting intubated sucks! My throat hurts so much which they warned me would happen. They had to use a breathing tube for the surgery as I have acid reflux and using the tube means less chance of reflux pneumonia from stomach acid getting in my lungs.

One more thing (as I've never had surgery before). Is it normal to feel so thirsty? I can't stop drinking water but it might just be a side effect of the sore throat. Also, peeing - I'm having a little trouble with that as the pain in my abdomen is making it hard to relax my pelvic muscles right. It's funny as I have to sit there and slowly relax and eventually I pee - I was NOT expecting that part!

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Hi Rachael - you know I love to stalk you and I've been thinking about you and hoping everything would go well.

I'm glad you at least got some answers. Hopefully they either unblocked your tube or you can do what Eva said.

As for peeing and thirst - yes that's normal. I've had a few surgeries in my years and thirst is almost always a side effect. Peeing after sedation can also be difficult. The side effects will pass.

Take it easy and don't rush things.

Thinking of you and hoping that when you talk with the RE they can give you some direction. BTW - I'm really proud of you for being so brave and taking your fertility into your own hands and pushing for what you believe to be right. You are awesome!!!

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I'm glad the procedure went well. I know that obviously these were not the results you were hoping for, but at least now you have (or will be getting) some answers. Could the endo be why you have had problems getting your beans to stick? I hope your docs can help you form a plan to move forward with TTC Biggrin KUP when you get more detailed answers.

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Rachel I think this is a finally a step in the right direction for you!! I'm very glad you finally have some answers and hopefully now they can find the right plan of action for you so that you can get a BFP AND that little bean will stick!!!

You know it's funny you mentioned the peeing. WHen I had my sinus surgery several years ago I remember peeing like crazy afterwards!!!! :confused: I wonder if it's a reaction to the anesthesia...? Oh and my throat hurt as well for a day or two but that's totallly normal.

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You had not posted when I checked yesterday, but you were the first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up! I'm glad the surgery went smoothly and I think it's good news that they "found something" that is likely the cause of a lot of heartache over the past few years.

I'm assuming if you needed to go back to the office to get your stitches out they would have told you to schedule an appointment. I think it's safe to assume they will dissolve. I left my dressings on until they were no longer sticky (about 5 days- it was the sticky tape stuff) and then put band aids. But I don't think I was feeling good enough to shower the next day so it sounds like you aren't that sore!

I do, however, remember the peeing part. I've had 4 surgeries in the past 9 months and each time I forget about the pee part. It takes about a day or so to "get back to normal" so just relax and give it time. If you are not feeling better tomorrow maybe call your doctor.

When is your post-op apt? Definitely ask and let us know if your right tube IS/WAS blocked. I remember my doctor saying a lot of the time if there is a blockage the dye is able to push the blockage out during the HSG. Hopefully that is the case here too.

Glad you are feeling better. Hopefully Odin is giving you lots of love! Take care.