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DH went to have his SA done today. Will have to find out what the results are. He wound up having to take several hours off work but he will be paid for the time. Not sure why he waited so long, I almost had to force him telling him that they would not book me for an appointment without his results. First time he has had to do a SA as we always knew I had issues - I doubt he has any - I get pregnant sometimes....

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it is a total ego thing with men -- they feel bruised when they have to go for an SA
I hope all goes well with his results

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Listen, DH hasn't gone yet! My OB told me she didn't want to see me until he did it. The prescription already expired!! UGH!!

At least he went..maybe he can call my DH! LOL! GOOD LUCK!

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ughh this sounds like me an dh until i told him to get up off his you know what and get it done if he wants this baby as much as i do..i told him that he was content when it was just me going for testing and now hes feeling some way because it could be him... he went and got such great reviews that he swore the doctot told him he can " father a million children"..

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Good luck Hun!!
I remember when m had his... He didn't speak to me for a while after!!!
He was mortified... Hahaha!!!

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I hope you get great results!!

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My hubby did not have a problem doing his SA - in fact, he was practically looking forward to it! Why? Because he got to check out the "literature", IYKWIM. Wink *rolls eyes*