Sad News--IUI Update--Updated

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Sad News--IUI Update--Updated

Two blaring BFP OPKs this AM. Made trip up to RE this morning. Had bloodwork & ultrasound. Nurse told me I had O'd throughout the night, but still felt we had a good chance trying the IUI, so we filled out the paperwork. DH gave sample. Told us ok to go eat, needed to be back at specific time... sitting at restaurant, got the phone call... DHs numbers went from 30 million with 6% motility to 15 million with 0% motility in a three week timeframe... We are devastated, needless to say. Told us to go home and BD, call on Monday and schedule another consult to discuss where to go from here...

***UPDATED to add that we have scheduled a phone consult with our RE for Monday. The goal is to come up with another plan. DH is hoping to try IUI again... we both seem to think that the stress of the VERY foreign situation is what caused his SA to fizzle out... we would like to get the REs take on this. If he seems to agree, we're hoping that since we've "been there done that" maybe we'll have better success with it the second go-around. Not to mention, DH has really boosted his vitamin intake and we've done a few other things to hopefully help the little swimmers succeed. I'm hoping the RE will allow us to go for another shot at this... if not, sounds like IVF is going to be the route that we go.

***Addendum... Smile If RE suggests that IVF is the route to go and we should skip second IUI, we are leaning towards trying Chinese Medicine before going IVF route...

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*hugs* I'm so sorry. It takes three months for sperm to be made, can you recall anything specific about three months ago that could have affected his sperm?

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Oh NO!!! But you got such great news last time!!! That is so horrible!!! I'm so sorry! That's so heartbreaking...

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I am so sorry. I cried so much when our IUI was cancelled. Hugs.

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I'm so so sorry. The hopeful months are the hardest. Wishing you better news soon

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I am SO SO sorry!!! *HUGS*

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Thanks ladies. After taking the weekend to recover, emotionally, we are feeling a little better. We'll see what the RE has to say, but my guess is, he'll suggest we go straight to IVF at this point. DH has said he would like to try going on some meds to see if we can get his numbers high enough to try IUI again, but not sure if RE will go for this... not to mention, not sure if I can handle another emotional let down like that again. We'll see.

In the meantime, we BD like crazy all weekend... praying for a miracle this cycle. Maca herb powder is in the mail headed our way, for DH, along with some sperm-friendly lubricant. We're going to try our darndest to make this happen!

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I am very sorry to hear this. It is devastating when things do not go as planned. I cannot remember the book title, as it as been about 4-5 years since I read it and used it as a guide, but someone here may know what I am talking about. I used a book related to eastern medicine and fertility. It mostly focused on women and "diagnosing" the ferility problem, but there was a section on men and what herbs to take, foods to eat, etc. While I cannot say this book is completely responsible for helping us conceive our twins. It did help me to lose 40 pounds, focus on my health, and eating well. It also benefitted my husband, who had problems with morphology. After about 18 months following this book's plan, we did have a successful IUI. We did not do any fertility treatment during that timeframe, as we had tried 3 medicated IUIs prior to reading the book, and we did not have the money to keep going. Thankfully, someone from this site donated meds to me, and our last try was successful. Even if you have to go to IVF, I would still recommend this book (I just wish I could think of the title). Best of luck to you as you continue your journery. It is a huge rollercoaster of emotions and very hard. :bigarmhug: