Scared to do this all over again!

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Scared to do this all over again!

4:00 am with FMU, 7 days post transfer! Line is darker than last cycle so that has me a tiny bit more at ease!
Just praying this one sticks!

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It's scary, I know, but try to think positive. Your doctors are there to watch you every step of the way.
When I did my IVF, I listened to a positive thinking CD every day which really helped. I avoided the "what if's" as much as possible.

So with that in mind....Congrats!!! Smile

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What a beautiful line! Congratulations! :boogie:

I understand being scared.... totally cannot blame you. Just take it one day at a time--even one hour at a time if you have to! :bigarmhug:

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I know ! My worst quality (which DH HATES) is that I always think the worst. I can't help it! I'm just relaxing today, just picked up some meds and now I'm back on the sofa watching some TV. Gotta babysit later so need some energy for later! LOL!

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Do I type out what I said before?

Nah!! Just... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp !!!!!

So happy!! I'll be excited for you!!!!

Kisses and hugs!!!!

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Beautiful lines and lots of p&t coming your way.

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Oh exciting and scary both. Smile I hope everything is perfect and smooth.