sleep apnea & miscarriages

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sleep apnea & miscarriages

hi ladies,

Hope you're all well - I've not had a chance to catch up on posts - sorry! I do think about you all daily and send you lots of love and baby dust and good health!
I thought i'd put in a quick note while i got a chance here at work - we went to our family practicioner to get our adoption medical forms filled in (as the RE does not do that type of thing :rolleyes:) and I asked about sleep apnea. I was on vacation in Halifax for my cousin's wedding and was having a nap when my mom and other cousin walked in (we were sharing a room) and they freaked out because I was a purple/blue color. I've know that I've had sleep apnea since I was an early teen but never did any thing about it...cuz well, I sleep and am still breathing and never thought it to be a big deal. When I told our doc this, she said she wanted to smack me because I guess it is - LOL! Anyway, I asked her and she said she did not know .... do you think that sleep apnea could be a cause for miscarriages? Just throwing it out there

I will know when I get to go to the sleep clinic so that they can tell me that I get to pretend to be darth vader when I go to bed Wink

~ tacie

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OMG, that's scary. Let me tell you although we never did find out what caused my mom's death that was at the top of the list. My mom never did anything about it, she was supposed to use a machine at night but never did. If you are turning that color it means you are definitely not breathing and you should go to a doctor immediately. I don't mean to scare you but it is a serious disorder that has fatal consequences.

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How scary!! And Marisol is right sleep apnea can kill you if left un-treated. Please don't mess around with it. My DH's uncle died from complications due to sleep apnea. So please, please talk to your Dr. Smile Awesome that you are already getting the physicals part of the adoption process Smile YAY!!! We don't have our first meeting with the agency until the 14th Sad

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Tacie..that is frightening!
I agree with the need to get it treated!!!!!
I don't know much about it except a man I worked with had it...he was on a machine every night.
If you have no oxygen then a baby won't have any I guess there is a possibility of connection there!

Yay to getting everything under way in the adoptiion exciting.

But please sort out your health...we love you and don't want to lose you!!!!


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Do a few searches using Google Scholar. I did some simple searches there (I have a degree in Forensic Science, so I have a minor obsession with reading medical journals) and it seems there is somewhat of a correlation.

A CPAP machine isn't that bad so I would get your testing done asap and figure it out. I dated a guy with it who almost died a few times due to it before he got his CPAP.

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Tacie - I was re-reading my Dec posts and saw our Clomid chat. How have things been going?

I see your mentioning adoption! That is great! :bigarmhug: Good luck!!

As for the sleep apnea, I saw this! So who knows...

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I know a lady on another forum who found out the reason she couldn't conceive/sustain a pregnancy was because of her sleep apnea! Basically it's just how Liz described it - this woman's body wasn't getting enough oxygen so it wasn't able to sustain a tiny little baby was just trying to survive, if you know what I mean?
Hoping this will be the missing puzzle piece & you can move on from here!!! Smile :bigarmhug: