Something in the Kool-aid....(small vent) *pg/child/babies ment*

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Something in the Kool-aid....(small vent) *pg/child/babies ment*

I'm telling you, there is something in the Kool-aid at Hannah's school! It seems like nearly every single mother I see there is either 10 months pregnant or is carrying a sweet little itty bitty cuddly chubby and has other young kids as well! They are everywhere! :help:

I've tried to ignore it, but sheesh... it's hard! All I can say is, if there IS something in the Kool-aid there, I'll take a gallon, please!

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Aww Sad Totally been there. My church is insane with the babies/preggos. I am not going to lie there have been times that I have had to take a step back and have a good cry. Plus one of my good friends just announced she is expecting TWINS, (totally happy for her though) I keep thinking there must be something in the water and I want some!!! Sigh.....One day Mary, it will be our turn!!!!!!

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I understand, at school we have at least one pregnant teacher in each subject. I can't escape them!! Not that I'm going to start drinking water from our school water fountains...yuck!

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LOL....I'd try anything!!!!
I seems to see new borns everywhere at the mo...i should have had an August ray of sunshine.....many of the ladies I see are my age or older maybe we are all just still waiting in line eh?

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Mary- I say the same thing about the water in my school!! I was so desperate last year I even borrowed my coworkers desk chair since 2 teachers who worked in that room got pregnant. Now that's insane huh???

I hate the fact that now when I start there will be at least 2 teachers with bulging bellies, and who knows how many more. I work with the most fertile group of teachers in NJ! It's ridiculous!!

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Kool-aid everywhere it seems, Mary.... Wink

I have so many friends who are pg with their 2nd (or more) baby that it's starting to depress me. The worst is the most recent one I found out via friend request on FB. A friend - the husband - wanted to friend me, which is fine...until I opened his page and find out his wife who I also know is pg. Don't care much for the wife, she is so moody half the time I really don't want to deal with her.

The worst part? She is 42, a year older than me. They started TTC maybe a year ago, and now she is due in Feb. Why her, and not me? I've been TTC 2 years now! My cycles as regular as clockwork! My O's as regular as clockwork! My kidney transplant is fine, my health is fine, everything is fine! What the heck is so wrong with me that I can't even get pg?!?!?!?!?!? Ugh!