Sorry, been MIA - question though....

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Sorry, been MIA - question though....

Sorry I've been MIA girls. Been busy with work and birthdays and stuff!! October - December tend to be my busiest time of year!

I want your opinions though. I've always felt a little stupid thinking of doing this, but I still want to. I've been considering going for ceritifcation as maybe a Doula or Childbirth Educator....

The reason I've felt stupid doing it as I almost feel like I should have my own first, right? Does that make weird sense?

Anyway, this is the organization that does the trianing and certification for it in Canada:

What do you think? Should I go for it?

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I say do it!!! Just becuase you do not have your own does not mean that you would be any less qualified to be a lbor support person. I am crrently a doula and a lactation consultant/educator. I have also been a midwives apprentice. In all my years of being in the, "birthy" community I have come across many people who are great support people who have no children of their own. If it is you passion and is something you really want to do than do it girl!!! I don't have any expereience with that program since it is Canandian, but it looks great!! Plus just think once you have your own you will be so much more ready and educated Smile

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I agree with Carissa, go for it! Just think, if you were going to med school to be an OBGYN at some point you would be practicing medicine before you had a family, right? You wouldn't NOT go to your OB because she didn't have kids yet. People go to doctors/ doulas for their knowledge and bedside would be great!

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I completely agree with pp. Just because you don't have a child yet doesn't mean that you wouldn't be amazing!!! My sister's doula didn't have kids and my sister adored her. It's about the caring, compassion, connection you have with your patients. There are many childbirth educators and birth coaches that are not mothers.

Rachael, I think you would be amazing. You have a general sense of calm, caring, and sweetness about you that could help any mom-to-be with her pg journey. Any pg woman would be lucky to have someone like you helping them.

GL and KUP!!!

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I agree! Go for it.

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Ditto what the others said. :goodluck: