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Thread: ///Stalker's Central\\\ *Please reserve your spot here!*

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    Wink ///Stalker's Central\\\ *Please reserve your spot here!*

    *Our Very Own Spaces*
    TTC 2+ Yrs.

    I thought it might be nice to have one place where we can come and get updates on everyone and stalk the charts of those that have them.

    Please reserve your space here and include any of the following info that you want, then update periodically by editing your post:

    1. Status Updates (i.e., where you are in your cycle, either WTO or 2WW--please include "as of" dates; IUI or IVF status, for example shots, meds, BD success, if applicable, how you're feeling, vents/struggles, positive happenings, 2WW symptoms, etc.

    2. Your chart or ticker (if already in signature just leave signature on).

    3. Any pics you want to share of pets, your latest garden creations, your vacation, whatever.

    *Please keep picture sizes on thesmaller side to
    cut down on load time*

    ///This thread is intended for Spaces only.\\\

    *Please reserve comments for the Comments Thread.
    Thanks *

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    Mary's Space

    Update 4/28/11:
    CD 3 ~ AF showed up right on time two days ago, has been a very odd one for sure, started out light and mostly brown then switched to heavy and.... well, I'll spare you the details. Let's just say "TMI." Have decided to take this month off from charting and TOTALLY JLIH -- I won't even be checking CM. Seriously, I'm not going to know what to do with myself!

    Update 5/2/11:
    CD 7 ~ JLIH has been soooo nice so far this month. I didn't even know what CD I was on (and didn't care), had to figure it out Doing well with losing weight and getting in shape, so far I've lost 6.5 lbs and hope to continue the downward trend, and am in Week 4 of the Couch to 5K program. Just 5 more weeks to go and I'll be able to run a 5K! (Assuming I don't have to repeat any of the weeks, that is). Can't believe it.

    July 2011:
    Seems our recent BD "issue" has resolved itself; however.... the "other" issue is still there, which means 99% of the time we have to "make it happen" ~iykwim~ if insem is to happen. This month I didn't do opks, but figured I'd O at the usual time. Wrong! OOPS. According to my temps and CM and FF's interpretation of them, I O'd earlier, on CD 14, so the 'extra effort' thing didn't happen, and in fact, the last time we BD before O day was 4 days prior. We did BD the morning after I supposedly O'd, but... well... the egg was likely already gone by then, PLUS, chances are pretty slim without insem unless there was a very frisky "escapee." Ha ha ha. Not likely So... far as I'm concerned, I'm out for this month. Onward to next month! So weird that I still hold on to a tiny spark of hope that by some miracle it happened anyway, though.

    July 30, 2011:
    Due to some private issues, we are not currently "trying" to conceive (not my choice). It's a wonder I haven't totally given up on ttc#2, but I can't seem to let it go, at least not yet. Hopefully this is just temporary.

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    This is a fab idea Mary.

    22 April 2011
    The only news I have is that I think my blood sugar has gone back to normal and took a HPT yesterday and its very nearly negative.
    Have jumped M too.
    I know we won't fall this cycle..but...hey...might as well practice.
    We're trying camping out tonight in Sheldon..our berlingo...so going to christen that too...lol
    We're back in the game!!!!!

    Update 28/4/2010

    So saw the bum doctor last week abd he wanted to put me on azaithprine or something...I googled it and wasn't happy with what I found.
    Just spoke to my GP and he says the same as me..he doesn't think this is a suitable drug for me..in fact he said it would be a night mare for me to be pregnant on this.
    He said that when I speak to the gyno at the end of May for my follow up after my D and C to mention to him..if he says its okay...then okay...but until then we'll wean me off the steroids and see.

    Update 23rd May
    So Af turned 5 days ago...very light. she was very kind.
    Got my Clearblue monitor started up again and started temping again today.
    I did have a follow up appointment on the 31st but for some reason its been put back 2 weeks to the 14th of June.
    Don't know whay..but i may not be seeing my usual man either..I hope hes okay and that hes not ill or he isn't being ivestigated or anything....my imagination..LOL

    Update 31st May
    So I am hitting highs on my monitor, my opk is getting darker..think I'll hit peak tomorrow.
    very exciting..even though I don't believe I will fall this month..but its good practice.
    My therometer is buggared so using my normal one..which also seems buggared...new batteries methinks.
    Was supposed to have my follow up today but they have put it back til the 14th of June...hoping I'll get a letter before explaining what the coo is, as my Doc wrote to them..really hoping I'll get an earlier appointment but we'll see.

    9th of July 2011

    I forgot to update...had my appointment on Thursday...I said to him after 5 miscarriages this can't just be bad luck...he said I would just have to find a egg that works really...plus hes putting me on progesteron so that the CP's may be prolonged..the eggs may be okay there..you never know!
    So I'll get myself preggers asap..and hopefully I will be preggers when I visit the states with a viable bean!!!
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    Hey ladies!

    Update as of May 10

    Well I've been totally symptom free for a day or 2. NO cramping, no spotting, NOTHING! So strange!!! A little while ago I had another glob of blood tinged CM, and since then nothing again. I expect AF tomorrow.
    I'm dealing with yet another sinus infection!! I was soo good for 4 years (had sinus surgery) and now I had one last month and again this month! I have to schedule another appt, probably need another round of anti's!!! I hope this is not the start of a new cycle of crazy sinus infections! I get them really bad and very consistent! UGH!

    I'm not sure I'm going to test in the AM. I got one IC left, I'll see how I feel in the morning.
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    ≈ Rachael's TTC Space ≈

    First of all - thanks to Mary, I think, who thought this up! What an awesome idea!! I've never got to create a space anywhere before so this is all new to me!

    ≈ Me and DH ≈

    My name is Rachael and DH is Robert. We've been together since late 2006. We met at work when his department merged with mine. We quickly hooked up and things have been going well since. We got married in August 2008, but ditched the birth control about the time we got engaged in May 2007. We have furbaby named Odin, a now elderly male bulldog (approx 9 years old in Feb but he's a rescue dog so it's only an estimate).

    ≈ TTC History (m/c ment) ≈

    We had an opps pregnancy in April 2007 that resulted in an early miscarriage at 5 weeks. We took that as a "sign" and ditched the birth control. We decided to get married shortly after that. It wasn't until after we were married and in March 2009 that we finally went for fertility testing as we weren't getting pregnant. We were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" on March 17, 2009 (which has forever ruined St. Patrick's Day for me now. ) Because they couldn't find anything wrong, they gave us the option of clomid+IUI. DH and I are VERY against fertility treatments so we said no. We both believe that if it can't happen naturally or if we can't find the cause and fix the cause, then it's probably not meant to be. Well...that lasted about 2 years because we finally gave in and tried clomid with an IUI in February 2011. It worked, but again it was an early miscarriage in March 2011 (technically a chemical pregnancy but I hate that word). We tried Clomid one more time in April 2011, but ended up with a huge cyst and no follicles, despite extremely high estrogen. IUI was called off and we DTD on our own but it was BFN in the end.

    ≈ May/June 2011 ≈

    Well, due to my extremely heavy bleeding and extremely painful AF, I have requested a laproscopy exam to check for Endo. My RE is 80% sure I have endo so she is going to take a look and clean up anything she finds in hopes that it helps our chances. Unfortunately, she is of the school of thought that endo doesn't affect fertility (there are studies that say it does, and studies that say it doesn't - she is in the doesn't category). She reinterated over and over "this doesn't affect the outcome or treatment, just so you know). I'm a little skeptical though which is why I requested the lap. Because most treatments are covered by provincial healthcare here, they only way this clinic is making money is on the IUI and IVF cases, so I'm wondering if she's pushing that as a money maker. Either way, I have the lap scheduled on June 22!! I am actually a little excited but also kind of scared. I've never had any surgery before! Then...I guess pending the recovery/results from this, we are on hold until September (due to vacations and whatnot with ourselves and the clinic). Because I got a cyst and high estrogen on Clomid, they want me to do injectibles the next time we do IUI. I only have $6000 in coverage for fertility meds over a lifetime, and I know injectibles are $$$.... so...not sure what will happen next.

    ≈ July 2011 ≈

    Well, the lap went well. Unfortunately, my RE is on vacation this month so I have to wait to see her on August 2 for all the official notes from the surgery. She did leave me a brief note though. My left tube is fine but my right tube is blocked. I also have mild endo. The RE had an assistant (it's a teaching hospital) and he told my DH after the lap that they also looked at my cyst I had last cycle on Clomid and it was smaller now and shouldn't be an issue. I guess I just have to wait to find out more later. Of course now I'm worried as I'm pretty sure my right ovary is my dominant one. All the times I ovulated while being monitored it was from the right except this last time with the cyst which was left. I know that eggs have the rare chance of being picked up by the opposite tube, but what are the chances that I would be that lucky? Then again, how did our Clomid + IUI cycle work if my right tube is blocked and I ovulated on the right?? Maybe she meant that my right tube WAS blocked and now it's not?? I'm so confused!! Obviously I have to wait to see the RE but I'm thinking that injectibles will be our only option going forward. If I can force my left to produce a few eggs and trigger, I think it will improve my chances. I think I'm at peace with this idea now. I wanted the lap and HSG to help me decide what to do and I think it's a sign that they did find something. So, come September I will be on to injectibles me thinks!

    ≈ August 2, 2011 ≈

    I just got back from the RE. Right tube is in fact 100% blocked despite her trying many times to get the dye through. Endo is confirmed as well. Left ovary was adhered to the wall of my abdomen so she fixed that. As long as I ovulate on the left side, we might still have a chance on our own now. With the left ovary adhered, it could have been producing eggs that weren't making it to the tube. This cycle is too late to start anything (I'm on CD6) and one month from today we are heading to New Brunswick to visit the In-Laws so that cycle will be out as well. The RE agreed and we are to move on to injectibles when my cycle starts towards the end of September. We will give it three tries. We are going to do IUI if I ovulate on the left, and timed intercourse if I ovulate on the right. If nothing after three tries - we come back to get a reassessment.

    ≈ September 27, 2011 ≈

    Well, I am on CD7 now of my first injectible cycle. I've been taking 66IU of Puregon nightly since CD3. I go for bloodwork and ultrasound tomorrow morning. Crossing my fingers (and toes and...anything else crossable) for follicles on the left side!! So far no real side effects of the meds except a bit of a headache yesterday and today. My estrogen has always been high so I bet that could be it. We will see tomorrow.

    ≈ September 28, 2011 ≈

    Well, all those people who were sending me left sided vibes for this cycle, it seemed to have worked! Two follies on the left side today, 11mm and 12mm. I was SOOO happy to hear that. Back on Friday for more monitoring and the dose of Puregon stays the same.

    ≈ September 30, 2011 ≈

    Yay!! Both follies were 14mm today! I've never had two follies that large before! I've had some weird side effects the last few days, specifically a dull headache and exhaustion and heartburn! Today I think I was getting hot flashes too because usually I'm very cold in the office but today I was almost sweating while talking to someone!

    ≈ October 2011 - April 2012 ≈

    I haven't updated here because the cycle in late 2011 was a bust - BFN. We did one more cycle with the fertility clinic in Jan/Feb 2012 which may have been a faint positve or very early chemical, but by the day of beta rolled around, it was BFN. After that we took a vacation to regroup. During our last round of IUI/Injectibles we found out my cyst is now about 5cmx3cm and getting larger. No word yet on what we will do with it as the RE doesn't want to risk fertility by removing it. This makes me sad as I get a lot of pain now from it. When we got back from our vacation to visit the in-laws at the end of February, we finally decided to start looking for a house. We had a mortgage pre-approval, just needed to find a place. We searched for less than two weeks, found a place, put in an offer, and it was accepted!! We get the keys in the first week of May! Needless to say, 2012 has been a whirlwind so far. We never expected to get a house so fast and we've been packing ever since the deal went firm. Last week I gave DH an ultimatum too. He started smoking after our first cycle/IUI that resulted in our early loss back in March 2011. I told him that I won't do any more fertility treatments until he quits as the smoking disgusts me. So far, as of today, he is on day three of not smoking! I'm so proud! I told him it takes three months to build up fresh/new sperm, so we are going to do a three month health challenge starting May 1. That way, by our 4th anniversary in August we can start another round of IUI/Injectibles after being super healthy for three months! I'm also starting accupuncture this week. I figure, it can't hurt and it can only help! They also changed our coverage for drugs at work and fertility drugs are no longer in their own category! That means we can keep going through with IUI in hopes that it works with little cost to us except the actual IUI itself!

    ≈ April 2012 - January 2013 ≈

    I thought it might be time for an update! Well, we moved in May of last year and immediately switched to a new RE in the new city.


    So, he did some detailed 3D Ultrasounds, looked over our notes from the other REs, and he asked us "Did you know you have a subseptate uterus"? Sure enough, he pulls up the notes from our last RE and it's RIGHT THERE! Needless to say we were FURIOUS because they NEVER told us! So, his theory was that the septum, which was quite large, was contributing to our infertility as it could interfere with implantation. Basically, he thinks we were likely catching the egg, but it can't stick to the septum so it wouldn't implant. That, combined with my right tube blocked and left ovarian cyst, he wanted to do another LAP/HSG and remove the septum, remove the cyst, and re-test my tubes.

    We did that in October. The cyst, which our old RE thought was dermoid turned out to be a chocolate cyst. He drained that and all is well with my left ovary. He did a myoplasty on the septum and removed that as well. He then retested my tubes and VOILA! My RIGHT TUBE IS FINE!

    Due to scheduling conflicts, we didn't get the go ahead to start TTC again until December. Because the surgery was a little more intense this time, I wanted to see the doc before we did anything.

    December was a bit of a bust though with TTC because DH and I are not doing so well as a couple. DH is also going through a major depression and in October last year he went off his meds, sadly. We have recently started couples therapy in hopes that will help. DH has a lot of issues coping with daily tasks, life, stresses, etc. He has a job he hates and as soon as he gets home he hides away and I can barely get him to lift a finger. Very stressful on my part. I'm hoping the therapy can teach him some coping mechanisms so that I'm not doing 100% of all the household jobs AND taking care of him.

    Our RE wants us to come back in April if we haven't got pregnant yet. I'm 34 now and the clock is TICKING!
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    Great idea, Mary! I've always wanted my own "space!"

    I'm Amanda and my DH is Matt. We are both 27 and met and started dating when we were 14. We married in 2008 and are the proud parents of our Border Collie, Cooper. Shortly after we married we went off the pill. In April of 2010 we started Clomid and got our first BFP in August. Sadly we lost our little one at 10 weeks due to a blighted ovum. We took a few months off and are back on the Clomid.

    Saw my doctor today and she finally agreed to up my Clomid dosage! Yay! I'm not excited about the added side effects, but it's totally worth it if it brings a BFP in a few weeks!

    I am all set for my lap on Thursday at 1pm. I'm having a little anxiety so if you could specifically pray for that I would really appreciate it.

    I had my laparoscopy last Thursday and everything went well. My doctor did find endometriosis and was able to remove everything but one spot too close to my urethra to burn off. Immediately after the procedure I woke up in recovery and started vomiting and didn't stop for over 3 hours. I was horrible! I have 3 incisions that still hurt pretty badly. I'm not able to wear pants so I've been wearing dresses to work and I'm about to run out of stuff to wear! I will go back next week for my follow-up appointment and she will have pictures to show me.

    DH and I DTD last night- it wasn't pleasant bc I'm still really sore but we got it done. The doctor has high hopes for this cycle so I'm doing everything I can to increase our chances. I really hope this is it so we don't have to go see an RE.

    I got my + OPK on Saturday and we DTD Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Planning on DTD again tomorrow night. Hopefully that covers our bases and brings a BFP! I just wish my temps would behave! Ugh! No clear thermal shift yet so not sure what that means for O.

    9 DPO today. Not really feeling it this cycle. - HPT this morning.

    So I un-discarded a temp this morning and it pushed my O date back 2 days. Still getting - HPT but I guess I'm only 10 DPO??

    Started on Saturday and saw my doctor today. She gave me another rx for 100mg Clomid and a referral to an RE! I'm so excited for this appointment and ready to get this show on the road!

    Opps, haven't updated in awhile!
    We met with an RE 5/26 and he was wonderful! We planned on 3 weeks of BCP, a hysteroscopy, and then injections + IUI. I had my hysteroscopy on Wednesday and my doctor found and remove a 12mm uterine septum. This is surprising considering I just had a lap and have had 2 HSG's. They aren't always caught before hysteroscopy's, but I can't help but wonder if our story would be different if this had been caught earlier. KWIM?
    So now we are on hold for a month so my uterus can recover. I'm taking estradiol 3 x day and have an estrogen patch I switch out every 3 days. Hopefully things look good at my post-op and we can get this IUI show on the road.

    At my post-op my RE said the septum was so small and flat it would have been nearly impossible to see before the hysteroscopy. That makes me feel a bit better and less angry about the situation. I have to have another hysteroscopy next Monday to ensure they removed the entire septum and my uterus is healing as it should. All I can hear in my head is the sound of money falling out of my wallet.
    I'm on BCP for the next 2 weeks and then should start injections + IUI! SO ready!!

    Hysteroscopy 2.0 went much better than the first one and my doctor said my uterus looks BEAUTIFUL! Yesterday was my last BCP and I guess AF should show this weekend. On Monday I go in for another ultrasound and start my injections!
    I have started seeing a fertility acupuncturist. He started me on several supplements and ordered no alcohol, no caffeine and NO DAIRY! I have been doing the whole no caffeine or alcohol for the past year but I cannot live without my dairy! This is going to be really hard!

    Well my ultrasound on Monday showed a cyst on my left ovary so back on BCP to shrink it. Back in one week- hoping for better results.

    Cyst is still there but estrogen has dropped to 130 (from 290.) Will go back on Friday for a repeat ultrasound and bloodwork. If it doesn't shrink on it's own doctor will surgically remove it next week. Acupuncturist is focusing on helping my body shrink the cyst and still has me on no dairy. Ugh!

    Cyst shrunk on it's own (thank God!) and we were able to start injections Tuesday, August 9th. I'm just taking 50iu Follistim at night plus supplements from my acupuncturist. The follistim pen is very easy and I'm experiencing minimal to no pain. Last night the medicine was still very cold when I did the injection and it was very sore afterwards for about 30 minutes. DH has a fear of needles and he has had a really hard time even being in the same room as me when I am prepping the pen and doing the injection. Poor thing. I'm not sure what we will do when it comes time for an injection in the back side.
    I had an ultrasound this morning and everything looks great. I have 10+ follicles on each side with the ones on my left side measuring larger than the ones on the right. My hormone levels came back right where the doctor wanted them so I will go back in on Monday for another ultrasound. I'm assuming on Monday she will tell me to start OPK's and timed BD. And hopefully we will get a better idea of when the IUI will take place. DH and I are really starting to stress that it will fall on the first day of school (we are both teachers.)

    We are getting close! Ultrasound this morning showed 15mm and 14mm follies on my right and the same on the left. Tonight is my last night on stims with a repeat ultrasound and probable trigger tomorrow night. Eek!! Hoping the IUI is this Saturday.

    I triggered last night at 9:30 and had my first IUI this morning at 9:30! Everything went great today. I had acupuncture at 7:45 and was able to get to the office pretty soon after that. I have to say- the waiting room situation was kind of awkward. All these couples sitting around waiting for either IUI or IVF, men coming in with sperm samples, women finishing with transfer, etc. I wasn't prepared for that, lol.

    I had the same doctor who did my first hysteroscopy, which was great because I really like him. DH's sperm count was 41 million after wash! (I have to say, I've been really worried about that portion. DH has been at football practice everyday from 6am-6pm for the past month. The temperatures in Texas have been 100+ everyday so I was worried with the heat and sweat and compression shorts we would have a poor sample. But everything looked great!)

    IUI took about 5 minutes and didn't feel anything after the speculum was in place. After he was done I stayed on the table for 15 minutes and then was on my way. Super easy! Same procedure tomorrow morning.

    Well I'm 6 dpo today and this 2ww is just DRAGGING! I'm testing my trigger shot out and today my test was *almost* negative. It's been fun looking at "BFP's" the past few days, lol. So far I really don't have any symptoms except fatigue, but I think most of that could be attributed to it being the first week of school.

    After the most beautiful chart in my history, it is in fact a BFN. I was really sad on Friday and allowed myself a Diet Coke and cheese on Saturday, and now I'm back to it. Meeting with my RE tomorrow to discuss this next cycle.

    Met with RE yesterday and he said I responded really well to the stims and he recommended another IUI. I completely agree and so does DH. I think everything went well but we just fell into the 2/3 of IUI's that aren't successful. RE also agreed to let me come in during the afternoon for my ultrasounds. I'm super excited about this because with school starting I'm available to go in the mornings without taking off work. The more work I take off the less maternity leave I have. I'm on BCP for another week and will start stims on the 16th!

    My last BCP was yesterday so now I just wait around for my ultrasound on Thursday afternoon. My nurse should call Friday during the day with my Follistim dose (I'm assuming 50iu again) and injections should start Friday night. I set up my Ovidrel delivery for Friday and big thanks to my parents for being home all day to sign for the medicine.

    Baseline u/s today found a small cyst on the right side. Ugh! Hoping my estrogen levels are low enough and cyst is small enough I won't have to go back on BCP and can start stims tomorrow. Nurse should call sometime in the afternoon.

    E2 was 290 so back on BCP at least until next Thursday.

    Cyst is finally gone (2 weeks later!) so it's looking like we can start injections on Thursday!! I'm excited to finally get this cycle started (and over with...hopefully ending in a BFP )
    I'm not sure if it's the added hormones, or because it's been a year since the m/c, but I've been SO emotional lately. This morning I cried because DH left to go to work. I cried in the car on the way to school. Yesterday I cried watching my niece feed the ducks at the pond. I mean, this is insane. Ready to feel "normal" again.

    Finally started Follistim 50iu on the 29th and it's been 9 days. Scan Wednesday showed follies on the left of 10, 9 and 7 and on the right 11, 11, 10, 9 and 8. Friday follies were 13, 11, 11, 10, 9, and 9 on the left and 12, 11, 11, 11, 10 on the right. Doc upped my Follistim dose to 75iu and will go back Monday for another scan. Looking at IUI sometime next week!

    Ultrasound on Monday showed one 18mm follie and several 15mm follies. Our doctor does 2 IUI's back-to-back so I triggered Tuesday night and first IUI was this morning at 9:30. DH's count was 43 million post-wash! I took a 1/2 day off work and was back right before lunchtime.
    Back tomorrow for second round. I'm debating not temping during the 2ww...let's see if I can hold out and not temp or test!

    Well....it's a BFP!!! I held out and didn't temp or test until Sunday (11dpiui) and saw a very faint line. Monday's digi confirmed and I will go in tomorrow for my beta. I thought I would be jumping on the roof announcing it to the world, but I'm eerily calm; I guess I'm just waiting to be sure it's true. After last year I feel like I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. My lines are looking good which is very reassuring and I'm confident about my beta tomorrow. Due July 4, 2012!!

    Beta was 123!
    Nurse said they want the number to be over 100 so my level was great. I will go back on Monday afternoon for a re-draw and to schedule my u/s for the following week. I will be 6 weeks at the u/s so hoping to see a HB.

    Beta was 535!

    We heard the heartbeat today, 120 bpm!!
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    TTC #1 since Jan 01, 2006
    Me -33 ~ DH -40

    Stats to date:
    6 BFPs all ending in M/C
    Sept 2010 - rejected from IVF
    HCG (dye test), SIS & AFC all completed - everything normal
    1 yr clomid
    1 yr clomid + IUI
    2 cycles injection (Puregon)

    updated status/ notes

    Mar 22, 2012:
    Well I thought I should do an update
    Went in on Mar 5th for another IUI - was doing Puregon injections prior to IUI and had two follies that were looking pretty sweet (one on each side). Did a HPT on Mar 14 and got a BFP, had b/w done and beta was a 10 (you need a 5 for it to be a positive). Had b/w done yesterday and it come back today as negative.
    Guess it was not meant to be this time 'round .... maybe next time will be lucky no. 7? Guess we'll see.

    Feb 15, 2012:
    Hey ladies -- it's been FOREVER since I've been on (sorry!!)
    Thought I would post an update here quickly
    DH is working now - getting his hours in so that he can go back to school (he is an electricial apprentice), that's the good news. The bad news is that he is away in camp working for two weeks and home for one week, on rotating shifts.

    We have put our adoption file on hold as we are sorting out if we are going to build this summer or if we are moving out to a whole new community. We love our community where we are but to get to work for me takes between an hour and a half to two hours one way. Moving closer would be a good idea we think but so far we've not found anything on the market that has caught our eye or our hearts. I have faith something will show.

    I am currently waiting for AF to show ... she's been away for 72 days now and I am not a big fan of kick starting her with meds. I am trying to bring her around naturally so that we are able to start with the clinic again - start puregon shots again. With DH away for two weeks at a time, we are able to have his swimmers frozen (they don't let you do this unless the sperm provider can show that he is away for periods at a time) for a small fee... LOL! I hope they thaw them before they shoot them up my hoo-hoo for the IUI!

    That's about it for now.

    Hope all is well for everyone here - I will have to take the time to read the posts and catch up -- congrats to those who have gotten beautiful BFPs while I was away! <3
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    Hi Guys, Ive been pretty silent the last few weeks but Ive been keeping up with the news. I really like this idea of a space though so here goes!

    TTC for 2 years now, diagnosed about a year ago with PID and polycystic ovaries(not PCOS)
    October 2010- Laproscopy to confirm diagnosis of PID as well as dye studies which showed my tubes were patent but I had alot of scar tissue around my reprouductive organs.

    December 2010- Laparotomy to remove adhesions/scar tissue and ovarian cysts. Surgery went well although I did have a bad reaction to anesthesia and suffered severe anxiety attacks from the time I woke up in recovery for several months after.

    April 2010- CD 24 Progesterone Bloodwork came back good according to my obgyn/surgeon and he is very positive I should be able to conceive on my own.

    May 2010- Finally referred to the Fertility Clinic and am currently on the waiting list! Getting excited now and I keep hoping I will be preggo before I even make it to getting an appt with the clinic.

    Last month was a lax month for me...which was refreshing. I temped but not as vigilant as the month before. If I skipped a day here or there I didnt panic, I used OPKs but once again it was not such a big deal and we DTD when we wanted to but specifically around O time for sure. The thing I am the most proud about is the improvement in HPT testing...2 months ago I used about...oh...12 tests probrably...from 10dpo until 14 dpo...I was obsessive. This month I didnt test at all. I woke up on CD 28 and noticed the temp drop and was like hmm...guess this isnt the month. I felt good about it though...that I wasnt freaking or depressed like last month.

    So now I am waiting to O again...I am CD7 now and still feeling pretty relaxed about it again. My birthday is coming up soon and Jeff bought me a beautiful fertility awareness necklace that I found online, handcrafted...and of course it came in the mail today and its not even my bday yet but I just had to open it and have a gawk at it lol

    Also, just had my baby kitten in this week to get spayed! I felt so bad doing it to her almost...here I am trying and trying to have a baby and I just got her steralized lol But it was for the best though...she is so tiny and she went into her first heat and I was so afraid she would try and run our the door or something and get ran over by a car .My cats are both indoor pets as I live in the city and on a main street with 4 lanes of traffic so it wouldnt be good. She is doing well now but it was rough for a few days. My male neutered cat didnt like her when she first got home from the vet! I guess he could smell the vet and all the other animals off of her and he kept attacking her and hissing at me...oh it was bad...but he is best kind now and so is she lol All is well.

    Theres my rant...enough to make up for the month of silence
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    ♥Meg & Jeff♥
    TTC 2 Years
    Laproscopy/Dye Studies- Oct 2010
    Laparotomy/Tuboplasty/Cyst Removal- Dec 2010

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    007 Fan's Space

    DH and I have been married since 2007, and have three cats.

    Spring 2008 - begin TTC naturally
    Spring 2009 - something's wrong
    2009/2010 - No fertility problems are detected in either myself or DH. Because of where we live it is difficult to schedule fertility procedures like IUIs. At this point adoption is ruled out for a variety of reasons.
    Summer 2010 - FIL passes without having any grandchildren
    March 2011 - HSG, all clear
    July 2011 - 1st round of clomid, and use of OPKs (and a digital OPK to confirm regular OPK) *fingers crossed*
    July 2011 - didn't realize that my OPKs don't work with clomid. Wasted an entire package. Trying to keep me full of sperm using the natural (with Pre-Seed) and syringe methods.
    August 2011 - visit to the Dr. shows that I have a cyst on my right and left ovaries, which probably explains why I did not detect an LH surge this month.
    August 2011 - decided to stop actively TTCing next Spring if we are not pg by then. Undecided about further infertility drug treatment.
    August 2011 - decided that we definately will not be taking fertility drugs because of underlying issues and concerns. We may have discovered a reason on why we have not gotten pg.
    August 2011 - For reasons unrelated to infertility we are immediately stopping our TTC efforts, and are researching which birth control methods will be right for us.
    October 2011 - A lap was performed and a large uterine fibroid was removed. Currently in recovery. Undecided about future.
    December 2011 - Robert Griffin III, junior quarterback for Baylor University, wins the Heisman Trophy. He goes on to lead the Bears to a win over the Washington Huskies in the Valero Alamo Bowl in our first 10 win season in decades. He later declares for the NFL Draft. This Fall I will have a new NFL team (most likely the 'Skins) to root for in addition to the Chicago Bears This past season has proven to be a good distraction for our TTC woes.
    January 2012 - Took a break for the holidays and have resumed TTC efforts. We have very high hopes this month, and we are 100% positive that we will catch our estimated two week fertility window.
    February 2012 - Continued TTC on 2/19 ~ hoping to have a baby to be thankful for in nine months We are again hopeful for this month, and are committed to catch our two week fertility window.
    March 2012 - I turn 30-something this month. Again, we have definately not missed our fertility window, and are confidant that we will catch the egg sooner or later. Not to the testing stage yet. I also found a great new distraction: hockey! My two NHL teams are the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche. Gabriel Landeskog is a Swedish hottie and Canadian hottie Sidney Crosby is to return soon! Also, "Marina Football" (inside joke for Reba fans) Friday starts today on the NFL Network.
    April 2012 - Baylor Lady Bears complete their epic basketball season at 40-0 and easily win the program's second National Title!!!!! Sic'em Bears! DH and I celebrate our five year anniversary, and we are taking a TTC break.
    May/June 2012 - Fighting, oh I mean hockey, provided another great distraction from infertility I'm into sports can't you tell? RGIII goes 2nd overall to the Redskins in the NFL Draft Hail to the Redskins!
    July 2012 - We are seriously considering the childfree option to resolving our infertility issues and will start preventing pregnancy. We will be using this time to fully explore and research our options. I am leaning strongly towards CF while my DH is not yet ready

    I tend to be private online, and will likey not post much here except to ask questions.
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    Baylor Lady Bears 2005 and 2012 National Champions!
    2012 Lady Bears a perfect 40-0!

    Going, going . . . .

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    1. Status Updates (latest update at top)

    Mar 22, 2012 - got paperwork recently officially informing us of being on the waitlist as of Feb 15 plus a bunch of instructions. Went to IVF info session tonight, was very interesting, lots of info. Only single tho in a room full of couples...someone had to stay with Evie. It was kind of awkward.

    Feb 22, 2012 - appt with OB-GYN about MRI results. She felt the large cyst on the left would not interfere with pg if we go IVF route, but will deal with cyst after having the baby. She thinks that may be the cause of my infertility and chem pg's. So she ok'd us to continue with IVF and to leave the cyst alone for now. Paid for IVF registration, so now I will be on the waitlist and will need to call every CD1. Probably have to wait 3-4 mths. Next step is for me to go to IVF session Mar 22.

    Feb 14, 2012 - V-day post - Fertility dr phoned me with MRI results, left ovary has endo cyst. Reviewed literature and indicated that it shouldn't be necessary to have surgery for IVF procedure. Put name on IVF waitlist, still need to pay for the registration. 3-4 month wait. Kidney is back to normal, still have renal scan to do.

    Jan 31, 2012 - Been a while since I updated! Anyways, I went to the Dec appt by myself and wish I hadn't...via Oct 19 pelvic u/s, they found a "mass" behind or in my left ovary, small endo cyst on right ovary, and fibroid in my uterus. FSH shot up to 15. Had a follow up pelvic u/s on Jan 5, 2012, and the cyst by the left ovary is slightly larger so I have a pelvic MRI booked. Then I need to see my OB-GYN to find out what to do with it. Might involve surgery to remove it. We will probably start IVF after that. Currently have kidney transplant issues too...I am a mess.....

    Oct 4 - did Day 2 bloodwork TSH/FSH/LH/estradiol. Have a pelvic u/s set up for Oct 19. Follow up with fertility clinic will be in Nov. Sept 29, 2011 - Fertility clinic consult. Basically we are doing well for our ages. My FSH is 10, which is the upper end of normal....which is normal if you are 40. They are recommending IVF (of course) on the basis that it's better results than IUI. I'm happy....and I'm sad. I wish IUI could do more for me. IVF would have been considered if we never had children, but since we already have 1 DD, I really am not sure I want to spend $30K+ for a sibling for DD...when that money could be better spent on DD (and any other miraculous children/pgs that happen on my own). In the meantime, I need to have another Day 2 bloodwork done on FSH as well as a pelvic ultrasound to look at my ovaries, basically to prepare for IVF, if we go that route.

    Sept 24, 2011 - Oops - guess I should tell you that I was able to book an appt for Tues Sept 27, they had set it aside and therefore my original referral in May was still good! DH was also able to get in right away for another SA due to a cancellation (they were booking into the end of Oct so whew!).

    Aug 31, 2011 - saw OB *finally* about the SA and my b/w and HSG tests. Everything normal. OB recommended having a consultation with the fertility clinic, since it's covered by healthcare to look at options. Thinks they may also suggest IUI as well as IVF. For me, something worth considering. My DH is not so gung ho but he is supportive and therefore will work with me on this....or at least, go to the consultation. Gonna call for an appointment on Tuesday.

    Aug 11, 2011 - CD1 of Cycle #24. Been JLIH - temping has been difficult with DD waking up every night to sleep in our room, and I've been bad last cycle with OPKs as I was sick and drinking a lot of water due to my sore throat and horrible cough (which I still have! grrrr!). Aug 31, we have appointment with the OB to discuss the results of the (in)fertility testing. We haven't decided on whether to go to the fertility clinic to try and conceive a sibling for DD, despite all that testing. Background - started TTC when DD was 6 mths old. I was still BFing, no PPAF. So even though we knew while BFing chances of conceiving were low, we thought we'd get started with TTC. That was Aug 2009. So it's been 2 years of TTC - the fact that 1st PPAF was Dec 2009 is irrelevant in my mind. I had 2 chem pg's in that time - June 2010 (5 wks) and April 2011 (6 wks). I am a kidney transplant recipient and so I advised the transplant clinic (who had ok'd me to TTC again), and they made the referral to the OB for me. I got in at the end of April, got all the TSH/FSH and progesterone bloodwork testing done in May, DH got his SA done in July. The OB is predicting that, due to regular cycles and DH's ability to get me pg (ie DD), she thinks that my age is probably the biggest factor, and producing poor quality eggs. Her recommendation is to give it more time....but I've already given it 2 years. How much longer can I give???
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