STILL bleeding after hysteroscopy

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STILL bleeding after hysteroscopy

I am on day 15, and still bleeding. I don't remember bleeding this long after my last hysteroscopy, and I had a laparascopy too that time! I talked to a nurse a week ago and she said it was normal, and would stop eventually. But sheesh! No tampons, no bd, no swimming, until it stops!

Has anyone else had a hysteroscopy and had this happen? I don't think I'll call the office again, since it's not real heavy now, and they were totally unconcerned last time I called. I'm getting a little worried it will set back the IVF, if it doesn't stop soon. Not to mention it's really annoying! I'm supposed to have a break from this while on BCP!

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No experience of this yet but wanted to send you a hug.
Hope it tapers off to nothing.
If worried do call doc again. Hope it's all just natural.

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I have not had a hysteroscopy done. So unfortunately no advice. But wanted to say I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I'm glad it's slowing down though. FWIW when I was on bcp's for my first IVF cycle I spotted for 3 weeks and the nurse wasn't worried or concerned by it. I also spotted for 2 weeks when I was on bcp's for my second IVF. I only share this because it didn't negatively affect my IVF cycle. When do you start Lupron?

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I didnt experience anything but good luck ! Hugsss

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I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. To chime in with others, my RE wasn't worried about the bleeding I had for about a month. I hope it stops for you soon.