Super Bummed. (vent...)

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Super Bummed. (vent...)

Ok, i'm sure everyone has this one in mind from time to time.

My ex just had a baby. With some chick he hooked up with once at a new years party.

So now my kids are doing all the big sister and brother things that i have sooo looked forward to. But they're doing it with his baby girl (who, by the way, is precious and sweet and i don't resent her), who he didn't plan for, and didn't even want.

It just seems so unfair. and i know, i do know, life isn't fair. And things aren't fair for lots of people. It's just hard to deal with and hard to watch, and i thought you ladies would understand the best... It's so frustrating that this is so unexpected, and even accidental for some people, and yet there are so many of us that have to try so very hard.

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That does suck! Hugs.

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Sorry that you are feeling this way.. Keep your heart positive and good things will happen ! Trust me ive been there! Always the god mother and never the mom Sad :bigarmhug:

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I'm sorry. I can only imagine how this must feel. My ex hasn't had any more children, but while I was ttc it was on my mind "what if he has more and I never do"... You're right, sometimes life just isn't fair. *HUGS*

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I totally understand.
I am guessing it wouldn't be so bad if they were in a good relationship... But a one nighter... I think I would loose it for a bit.


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Thanks ladies.
Yes, he was in a steady relationship for years with a woman that the kids loved, and i was very grateful they had her. He's just not a great example, and makes a lot of lousy choices!

I just wish they could be doing all these things with us and our new baby, since he didn't ever want the whole thing to begin with....