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T&P please

I have a little great-nephew who is trying to come into the world a little early. Holdyn is not due until the beginning of March but my nephew's wife is now dilated to a 5 :eek: Naturally they are both a little stressed. Steroid shots given and strict bed rest happening but we are hoping that baby stays inside for a few more weeks.

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Thoughts and prayers!!
Mummy and daddy must be very special for little one wanting to be in their arms early!!!
But 'bake little one... You have all the time in the world to have mummy cuddles'

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Thoughts and prayers for your family.

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Praying for your great-nephew to bake a little longer!!

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Awww wishing that baby cooks a little longer...!

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Thoughts and prayers. I hope the little one stays inside a little longer.