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    Default Temping Question

    I am wondering if my temps seem to be a little on the low side... even post-o... I found this tidbit on a website regarding BBT: "Low temperatures, below about 97.5 and into the 96's, usually indicates hypothyroidism."

    I've had my thyroid checked several times in the past, but was told normal... I'm adding this to my list of questions to ask RE... but in the meantime, anyone familiar with this scenario?

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    I have no idea, but definitely something to bring up with your RE. Hopefully they're just low cuz this winter is so blasted cold, mine are generally lower when it's particularly cold

    Good luck!

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    My temps were always low and I have no thyroid issues. Sometimes that is just how your body works.
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    I had asked my endocronologist this question, as my temps seemed low to me when I was charting. She said that its not an indicator of a thyroid problem. I've had my thyroid tested multiple times as well as having an u/s to check my thyroid. Nothing is wrong with my thyroid.

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    My temps are normally in the 96's as well and I've had mine tested multiple times because of family history and weight issues.
    Hope yours is fine!
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    Mine are low as well, in the 95-97 range. I've been tested tons of times as well and my thyroid is always normal. *However* there are lots of disorders that can mask low thyroid, such as iron deficiency anemia, which I do have severely. I'm on a new iron pill though and my doc wants to re-test my thyroid if we can get my hemoglobin over 100 and my ferritin over 40 (last test they were both under 10).
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    While there may be nothing wrong with your thyroid, I have also read a lot of things saying that what is considered a "normal" level really should be changed. Also, I have read that fertility specialists like to see TSH levels lower than what other doctors consider normal.
    My TSH was not outside of the normal range, but it is higher than some of the things I've been reading say is best for fertility, so I wonder. I also have low temps, and they are getting even lower. I am extremely tired lately, dry skin, gain weight easily, etc. Who knows. It's interesting that a lot of us have low body temps, though, and have problems conceiving
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