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Test results

So finally got my results back and the doc went over my temp chart (which he said was beautiful, yay!). Prolactin and progesterone came back normal. There was a nicely developing eggy on my right ovary. Unfortunately they found something that looked like a cyst on my left ovary. So back for another ultrasound on 11/2. He also wants to do a new hsg test ( lucky me) because he was unhappy with the lack of diagnosis from the last one ( two years ago, had flow through the right tube but not the left and they told me everything was normal), just have to get approval from the insurance. He promised me pain meds for his one though thank goodness Smile Also was ordered more blood tests to check my thyroids and for any infections, which hasn't been done before.

I was a little disappointed that we can't start the estrogen and clomid yet, but he wants to make sure everything is working good before putting my body through anything, which I respect. It really is such an amazing feeling of relief to have a doc that is so concerned and willing to push to find out what's going on!

On a funny note, I wish you all could have seen DH face at the appointment when I started talking to the doc about cm. I told him I was having a hard time checking it, and he said to do it in the morning. I explained to doc that it's hard for me to tell bc we've been trying.... ALOT! Hubby turned bright red like a tomato LOL!!! So funny! I thought he was going to pass out from embarrassment Smile

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I am so glad that the tests have come back so good.
But sorry about the cyst.
Its not long to wait though and at least you are still striving forward!!

Good luck with the other tests too. Smile

Hahahaha...about dh.....DF is similar...he would have told me off after the appointment for saying that!!! LOL

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I'm sorry, i read this and thought i had replied! Didn't mean to ignore you...

At least things are moving forward!! That is a great thing. Hope the time flies for you Smile

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Hooray for good test results! Smile It sounds like you have an amazing Dr. and I am sure we will see a BFP real soon from you Biggrin

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Thanks for the support ladies!!! Smile

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Sounds like your new doctor is much more thorough which is great!! I couldn't help but laugh my butt off about your husband's reaction to your questions!! Men!! My hubby would have gone red too! All the best!!