Thank goodness for my sister!! (OT)

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Thank goodness for my sister!! (OT)

It's almost 3AM and I'm still awake!!

Tonight Odin (my doggy) almost cleanly ripped off an entire nail on his front paw. What a shock as I was just planning on coming home and relaxing!! It was hanging on by a bit, but the nerve was showing and it was bleeding a lot.

Problem is hubby just got a new job (yay!) and between leaving the old job and when the new pay at the new job starts, we were really low on cash due to all kinds of first bills coming in at the new house that we had to pay last month (and using basically all our savings on the downpayment to buy the house!) We literally had like $20 in the bank until Thursday when I get paid and don't really have any credit room at the moment due to moving expense we had to pay.

Well, we had to go to the vet and they wouldn't be able to wait until Thursday for payment so I called my sister in tears (at this point panicking while sitting on the floor with a dog with a bleeding paw) and asked her if she could help us out. Luckily she could because it was $850 we didn't have!

I just feel bad that we will have to pay back over a few pay cheques until we get back into a routine and pay off some of the moving expenses. At least DH's new job is better and pays more! Unfortunately because he started this week, he missed out on the pay cycle that would have come next Monday, but at least he will be getting 3 weeks pay on his first pay cheque. I've also got some OT coming up which will help.

Turns out buying a house has all these extra payments for things come up right away like taxes and deposits on utilities! We didn't think we would have to pay taxes until the end of the year at least and the deposits on gas and hydro ran us up almost $600!!

And I'm still awake because Odin's sedation has worn off but I can't get him to take his pain meds and he's crying and refusing to sleep. I feel so bad but I've tried everything I can think of to get him to take them. I know if I got one in, he would feel so much better and we would both get sleep!

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Poor Odin.
I hope he starts to feel better soon.
Yay on your sister!!!
Yay to hubby new job.
And roll on everything settling.

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Ouch poor baby!!! I always give my doggy her meds with a scoop of peanut butter! She gobbles it right up! What an awesome sister!! Congrats on your hubbies new job!