is there any hope left?
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Thread: is there any hope left?

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    Default is there any hope left?

    so glad to have found this site and forum! it's official - i have been ttc for 2 years.

    this week, i found out my recent iui failed i have been completely depressed.

    i have unexplained infertility. the first year of ttc, we had two m/c's. this most recent year - NOTHING. i am at an end of all hope.

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    I am so sorry you are going through this.
    Have you seen a doc to give you a course of action?
    Many of the girls here are doing IUI and I am sure they will be of help and comfort to you.
    Please introduce yourself and we can all try and help you regain some faith.
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    I thought I'd give you some hope!

    I thought I was a hopeless case. I started at 35, miscarried my first, had a chemical pregnancy, and then an ectopic at 37. Then, for 15 months, nothing. My PCOS was getting worse: I stopped developing enough estrogen to create a good egg and a thick lining. I barely needed pads during AF on unmedicated cycles. In those 15 months, I did Clomid and IUI twice--BFN. Two rounds of injectables and IUI--BFN. By now I was 38, and I felt like my time was running out. I was all set for IVF when I discovered that my third injectables cycle with IUI worked! And so far, the pregnancy is progressing well.

    Hold onto hope! It's a hard hard road, I know. But it's not impossible!

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    *ok, so I had this long post, but my browser decided to freeze as I was uploading*

    Welcome. You have every right to be upset, but that is why were are here: to listen and comfort. Liz is a fantabulous moderator and all the girls are wonderful.

    It *will* happen, I know it! And we're gonna be here for you every step fo the way. So just pull up a chair, grab a drink, introduce yourself, and give us your story (if you want).

    T&P coming your way!! Good to meet you despite the circumstances.
    Meg and Ed - 8/12/06
    Taylor and Avril - 3/5/12 (after 19 cycles + 3 cycles of fertility treatment)

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    I know how you feel.. We have unexplained & had 2 failed IUI's before deciding to move on to something else (after a looong break). Do take some time for yourself, girl, & as hard as it is, don't give up hope...

    TTC#1 since January 2008
    2009 Dx unexplained infertility
    2010: 2 Clomid+IUI cycles = 2 BFN's
    2011-2013: TTC naturally/JLIH
    11.20.2013 - Unexpected & natural BFP!
    07.16.2013 - Nolan born at 38 weeks, 1 day

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    Keep your chin up and hope in your heart -- it's been a long long road for myself and DH so I can understand. The ladies here are WONDERFUL!
    ~ Tacie's Space ~ TTC #1 since Jan 01, 2006

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    Default test

    thanks for the responses. i've tried other sites and no one seems to respond much. i guess it's just finding the right type of forum. those who have been ttc for as long as us do have a different perspective, you know what i mean?

    well, my signature says most... tests, tests, and nothing results in a diagnosis. i didn't mention, but i also had all the hormones and blood work done, too. all is well... if it was well, why no pg?

    i know others who have a diagnosed infertility have struggles which hurt, but i am so jealous of them. i wish i knew WHY i can't have children.

    my best friends are gay men and the girlfriends i do have are completely unable to relate; either they don't want to have families yet or they are as fertile as hell. it's been a lonely road for me.

    thank you all, for being so positive!!!
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    I could not have said it any better than most of the women on here. Even though it is very hard you have to just keep trying. We have all had months were we "take breaks" and then we are back at it again. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully in the near future you will get that BFP!

    DD Emily 2/10/05
    DS Sebastian 4/18/14

    *IVF #1: Failed early MC*
    *IVF #2: Baby Cecilia born at 22 weeks.
    *IVF #3: Positive!

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    Welcome. This is a great place for support.

    DD 2/'07

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    I agree, this is a wonderful place for support.

    I have been TTC #2 for 2 years as well, with two chem pgs. I've been tested, DH will be tested soon and we'll find out at the end of next month.

    I'm sorry that you don't have any answers, but I hope that you won't have to be here much longer. *hugehugs*
    Sophia 41, DH 36

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