Third Cancelled IUI--Moving On

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Third Cancelled IUI--Moving On

Made our third trip up to RE today. Numbers have improved some. Overall count was in normal range. Had enough to do wash (first time they've had enough to feel confident to try it). Post-wash, only had 500,000 good (they like to see 5-10mil post) 8% motilty with 1% fast moving and 7% slow progression. RE felt that we had just as good a chance conceving naturally, so recommended we save our resources and try on own, which we did.

RE feels it's time to move on. He offered us a referral to a urologist to discuss medications to try and boost counts and then try IUI again in 3 months.

He also offered to move on to IVF. It will cost us upwards of $20,000. Our insurance covers $0.

So, here we are at the crossroads. Big decisions to make.

I am trying to hold onto every little bit of hope that I can muster. I'd be lying if I said it weren't tough. DH is really having a difficult time even discussing it.

I have a ton of questions, and would love some insight on IVF for those of you have gone through it... what type of work-up will we (I) have to go through? Is this something I can start now, or wait until we make a decision to move forward with IVF? I'm very anxious thinking about it all.

Thanks for listening!

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We did one clomid cycle and then 2 IUI's. My husband stopped smoking during this time. He also used FertilAid and I believe L-Carnitine as well. Even though we thought it was a problem with his sperm at first( we later found out it was me) His count came back improved and much more sperm when he was doing these pills. I would talk to your RE about it because our RE nurse talked about different "Pills" that could be bought over the counter. I hope this helps

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So sorry to hear that. We had to go straight to IVF because of DH's sperm and my egg quality. They didn't even bother offering DH any ideas. He did see a urologist and he did mention clomid for him but we never go to that point.

It sucks that insurance doesn't pay. IVF is very expensive!! You can PM about the IVF. I've done it twice and will be doing it again in July.

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I can't offer any advise I am afraid.
but just wanted you to know I am thinking of you!

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I'm so sorry. We didn't have any coverage for our IVF attempts either, so I completely understand where you are coming from, from a financial standpoint. *Hugs* Our cycles were unsuccessful (not because of our MFI, because we later found out I have premature ovarian failure), we didn't even make it to retreival because I wasn't responding to the fertility meds. So I just feel that my experience wouldn't be very helpful. I know its a tough decision, and although we didn't have success with IVF, I don't regret trying.