TTC is messing with my head!

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TTC is messing with my head!

Ugh, one day I feel calm and okay with whatever happens, then the next day I wake up and immediately know it's going to be a bad day! Why? I've thought it was hormonal, but I'm way before ovulation, just like yesterday, so why today do I feel so down....... Does anyone else switch from somewhat content to sad and miserable in a second? I am generally an upbeat person, but this long struggle is so tough. And I don't like my mood swings, one bit!

I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Kara, creeping up on 2 years TTC. I'm not quite there yet, but TTC 0-24 doesn't have too many long term members at the moment. It's great that most people come in and out of there very quickly, but hard for those of us who stay around a while. I just finish welcoming them, and they are gone! Didn't we used to have a 1-2 year board? Anyway, I thought I might get a few more responses on this board, hope you don't mind.

I have had two early m/c since we resumed TTC after my surgery for endometriosis. I have been told by two RE's that there is low chance of natural conception, and IVF is my best option. We are not ready to go there yet, might never go that route. I have finally talked my husband into joining me for a visit with the RE (and he finally did a SA), so maybe if the discussion reassures him that chance of multiples are low, we can go the route of fertility.

I hope nobody minds my posting here. I appreciate honesty in general, so please tell me if I need to wait a few more months!


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We don't mind you posting here at all, join right in Smile I totally understand if you don't have anyone to talk to over there on the 0-24. There was a 12-24mo board, but they were combined into one with the 0-12 board.

The wait is tough. I hope being here with us will make the wait a little easier. Hang in there and I hope you get that pretty BFP real soon. Smile

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Yes! I'm on that rollercoaster too! One day I can be all determined to make this happen , than the next I hate the world and everything in it, theres some day I don't wanna get outta bed, or I avoid the baby section in the store, where on otheres I'd womder through! I'm not depressed, because the good days are more often than the bad, I just get angry sometimes. But Welcome! I'm new here too! Good luck to you!

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Oh yes. Totally with you.
Although I have to say I am determined not to give up!!!
It's a total rollercoaster full if exhilarating highs and drown yourself in gin lows! But I do believe what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!
This board and a couple of the others that ate dealing with heartbreaking stories show some of the most amazing women I have ever known and I draw strength from them.

You hang out here as ling as you like even when you get that bfp!!
We like to see happiness!

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We can all relate to your frustrations. There are days where I say I'm going to give up and never try again, then I start to ovulate and say to heck with it, let's try one more time. It sticks but what Liz said it does make us stronger.

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Thanks all, the support really helps. Feeling a bit better, but it's still just up and down!

I think I am a bit stressed about my consultation with the RE this's been nothing but bad news every time I've gone to them in the last year. I know he's going to say my chances are dismal again, but this time at least I know it's coming. The tricky part is that DH is coming along this time. He would be totally content with the two we have, but has been going along with "trying" for the third all this time. But he really doesn't want to go further (fertility) to have a third. And I just have my heart set on the third, always have. I've convinced him to just go hear what the doctor thinks our chances are with the different options. But that doesn't mean we will for sure go through with it.

So I think deep down, I am trying to come to terms with #3 never happening for me, because I can't force my husband to do fertility if he doesn't want to, and accept any risk of multiples there is. And my body hasn't cooperated the natural route. So frustrating!

At least it won't be me reporting back to him about what the doctor says, and then me being in tears for days. He'll be there to hear it all himself.

Thank you again for the support. I know you've all had your own struggles and it is great to see such positive attitudes. Especially when I am needing a good kick in the rear to keep my own head up!