Ultrasound, not as good as we thought :( Updated 3/11
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Thread: Ultrasound, not as good as we thought :( Updated 3/11

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    Default Ultrasound, not as good as we thought :( Updated 3/11

    So the dr called today. She isn't happy with the way things look on the ultrasound.

    She said that my amniotic fluid 'looks' low. And that the heartbeat (112 bpm) seems low.

    I have done plenty of looking and searching and from everything I can find, 90-110 is very normal for 6-7 weeks. Why is she unhappy with that? Did I find wrong information?

    I don't know anything about amniotic fluid levels and ultrasounds. Could anyone offer some insight? Can my body fix this? Can this be ok with my fluid a little low? Is this a VERY bad thing?

    Please anyone?? I was so sure everything was ok now, but now I'm so worried and confused and upset.

    Next ultrasound is next week. I hate waiting and worrying and not knowing.
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    *hugs* I will be sending all my positive thoughts your way that everything turns out fine. I'm pretty sure that a HB of 112 is totally normal, but I can't comment on the amniotic fluid volume. Hopefully it was just the angle that the ultrasound was taken at or something!
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    Susan, I have been watching you for so long but JUST today so a post that showed you are pregnant! Then I lurked you and found this post. I will be praying for you! I don't know anything about either of those things, but I am hoping it's just nothing!!!
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    When was your u/s? Last week, right??

    My old RE wouldn't even do an u/s until 7 weeks to make sure you see a heartbeat - so 112bpm at 6 weeks sounds great to me!!

    And Amniotic fluid? at 6 weeks? What doctor was this? An OB or a GP?

    I think this doctor has you all worried for nothing - at this point an u/s is sort of like a beta - one on it's own cannot be necesarily good or bad, kwim?

    That early, you may or may not really see much, and a week later things can be perfect or ahead of the game.

    Try not to worry (I know, easy for me to say) and next week will hopeful ease your mind!
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    Ive personally never have had a dr check amniotic fluid that early. Everything is so tiny at that phase that you are lucky to even see the baby, let alone anything else. The angle and what method they use, where the baby is laying, the machine its self, and so on can greatly effect it as well. The same goes for the heart beat. Everything is so tiny its really hard to get an accurate read... and 112 is right in normal.

    it sounds to me like your doc is getting you worried over nothing. The fact that you saw the baby, its in the right place, and you were able to see the heart beating is all good signs that things are doing what they should be. Now, I'm not an expert, but this is all what I have been told with my 4 pregnancies over the last 7 yrs.
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    Was this the doctor that you don't like and were going to change from? If so, remember there was a reason for all that. I think you are doing ok and everything sounds normal to me. I have had early u/s and they are always hard to see anything.
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    I have never heard of fluid being checked this early either. Just try not to think too much about it, it is still very early.

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    Ditto, this is the first I've heard of something like this. Normally fluid is something checked much later on in pregnancy. The only suggestion I have is to drink plenty of water, staying hydrated always helps fluid.

    Try to keep thinking positive...
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    I have no idea about this. It sounded normal to me. Sending positive thoughts your way

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    Alls I know is that (at least later in pregnancy) your body produces amniotic fluid daily and one u/s is not a definitive read on fluid by itself.

    I, too, have never heard of them checking fluid this early.

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