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Cyst has grown (even after BCP twice a day for a week!) and will have surgery this week to remove. This makes 6 surgeries this year.

And can I just say...ouch! This thing hurts!

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:bighug: That's crazy! I'm so sorry friend!!! What day is your surgery?

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Oh Amanda
I am so sorry!
This really hasn't been the best year eh!!
Like Laura Said.. (Hi Laura)...when is surgery...thinking of you lovely

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Oh my! How big was the cyst that it required surgery?? Just wow!

I hope it goes well!

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Oh Amanda.......(((HUGS))) to you!!

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Sorry Amanda !! Sad

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Oh my!!!! That is terrible!!

I just want to add my 2 cents about having so many procedures and diabetes. My father had to have several surgeries close to each other and he developed diabetes. He was told it was most likely the result of having so much anesthesia. Just something you may want to discuss with your doctor.

I'm sure his was lying dormant and all the anesthesia made it come out....

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Sad :( Sad I'm sooo sorry Amanda!!! That SUCKS!!!!!! :bigarmhug: I'll be praying for you, girl!!!!

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Crud, so sorry, Amanda :comfort: Hang in there, girl. Ts & Ps and :bigarmhug:

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Talked to the nurse today and the doctor wants to see me again on Friday for another ultrasound to measure the growth. We will make a decision for sure on Friday once he see's the size and my estrogen level.
Praying for good news on Friday. I would really love (and so would my wallet ROFL ) for this thing to shrink on its own.

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Sorry to hear this Amanda....I hope that the cyst will shrink on its own and you don't have to undergo another surgery.....

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I swear to god..it just seems none of us get a break....driving me mad!!!
KUP on what doc says hun..and sending you shrinking vibes!!!!!!