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Well, definitely not pregnant..AF finally arrived today - day 40. I had to go to the ER yesterday as my breasts hurt so bad that I was crying. I wanted to cut them off. Doing better today but still sore, just not in tears over the pain.

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I'm sorry AF showed, that stupid witch just doesn't get the hint.. I hope your breast get some relief, now that AF has showed.

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I'm so sorry AF showed. What did they say was the reason for your breasts to be hurting that bad? Did they do an ultra sound to see what was going on?

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No u/s just take advil (which I am allergic to) and try heat or cold- both made the pain worse. Taking Tylenol 3s and they help a bit but still have pain. It is in the tissue of the breast, not the muscle beneath the breast - that is all we know for sure. I talked to a couple of friends who are midwives and all they can think is that my hormones are going insane.

Pretty sure with all the arguing I am doing with my husband that I am just going to go back on the pill and forget trying to have another child. It breaks my heart but I dont see another choice.

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So sorry... definitely sounds like hormones, I have problems myself and it's an age thing I think (considering my high FSH levels). Sad I hope things can calm down with the husband and you can get some rest and relief. TTC and having miscarriages causes stress in marriages, trust me on that. We went through some tough times after I miscarried the first time and thought we would divorce. There's a lot of emotional pain when TTC for a long time, it's such a hard road that none of us should even be on it all. Sad


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Huge huge hugs sweetie.
I wish there was something I could say to make everything right.

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Sad *hugs*