Update on beta

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Update on beta

Hi guys, I've been lurking but haven't been posting much the past couple of days.

I received my first BFP for my home test last weekend and my beta Monday confirmed with

HCG 36 & Progesterone 36.9

With as long as it's taken me to get my first BFP you can imagine I've been terrified something is going to go wrong and the fact the nurse was concerned my HCG was lower than they expected kind of scared me too. (Which probably explains the terrible crick I've had in my neck the past 3 days!!) So here are my beta #2 results and the nurse/RE seemed much more positive today about my progression. I am officially pregnant!!! that little bean stuck!

HCG 176 & Progesterone 49.3

I'm actually getting a little excited, wait, what am I saying, alot excited. I have blood work every 3 days until I hit 1500 in HCG then they will schedule my first sono. Fingers and toes crossed this one sticks and at least a few of you join me this cycle!

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Congratulations! Sticky Baby Dust!

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Yay! I'm so happy you got a rising number! Still sending lots of sticky vibes!! I also hope I get to join you in June!

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Yahoo So glad to see a nice increase!!!! That is wonderful news!

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Yayyyy to the little sticky beannn!!!!

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Congrat!!!!!!!!! Whoop!!

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awesome, wishing you the best!!!

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congrats. i will keep my fingers crossed that you'll have a healthy pg and baby.

come on little one - keep on, keepin on!

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Congrats!! HH9M!!! (((((((stickyvibes)))))))