Update here, twins are... (pg mention)

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Update here, twins are... (pg mention)

Hi ladies...had my 17 week scan this morning and the tech is pretty certain they are... a BOY and a GIRL. Smile It's exactly what my kids wanted too. I go back again in another 2 weeks for the anatomy scan and will confirm then.

I'm too lazy to post pics separately but here's the link to my album and there's 2 belly shots too Smile

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Woot! Happy dance! Congratulations!

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I'll join in that happy dance!!!
So happy!!
Jen... Besides the bump you are still sooooo slim!!!
Looking good mamma xxxxx

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yes! happy dancing here too!!! congrats!

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Yay! Congrats! One of each is awesome!

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Awesome news, congrats!!

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Best of both worlds!!!

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That's awesome!!! I have two friends with boy/girl twins!! Love your belly pics too! You're looking fantastic! Smile So happy for you!

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That's awesome!! Congratulations

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Way to go Jennifer

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awww congrats!!!!!! Smile

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Perfect!!! Congrats!!!

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