Update on my mom (OT)

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Update on my mom (OT)

My mom is improving :o

Yesterday she even ate some! The doctors are a bit surprised. She is still sleeping most of the time but new meds seem to be helping some. I am wondering if this is the calm before the storm... In so many ways I want the end now, these last two weeks have been so hard - I have cried every day. No, I don't really want my mom gone but I want the suffering gone.

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Oh what a hard place to be in and I can totally understand what you are saying. I mean what quality of life are the meds going to give her, you know... SO sorry :bighug:

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Hugs sweetheart.
I totally understand!!!
When I lost my mum even though it was so sudden I will always be grateful that she and us didn't suffer.
So I understand!!
My thoughts are with you daily darling.

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