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Hey ladies, haven't been on lately. After last months BD marathon and no BFP, let's just say it affected me. I feel defeated. I haven't even BD this cycle. I "may" give it a shot today but I really have no desire. I think this may be one of my lowest moments and to top it all off a good friend/co worker thinks she's pregnant. Her baby just turned 1 last week, and she really doesn't want to have another one so she isn't even happy about it. I couldn't even convince her to take a damn HPT, she's in total denial. So then u have us that would be over the moon happy with a BFP and we can't catch a break. I'm actually crying while writing this today. I feel like I don't even want this anymore. I think I have officially thrown in the towel. I will JLIH and that's it for now. I took a OPK today and it was blazin positive and I didnt even care about it. Sorry ladies, but you are the only ones that understand. :bighug: to all!

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Oh sweetheart!
Huge hugs!!
I so so so understand.
I just found out one of my oldest friends gf is preggers.
Happy for them but still have the feeling if why not me!!
Well for me it's nit the bfp but the 12 were scan.. You know!!
They say it's the time you stop trying that it will happen.
Although that doesn't really help dies ut!
Huge hugs to you sweetheart!
Try to hang in there. You are an amazing woman and don't forget it it xxxxx

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We're here for you, so sorry. :openarms: sending a big hug your way.

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So sorry you are going through this and are feeling so sad right now. It's no fun, I know. I can so relate to your post. It's become such an effort to "try" when the timing is right, my husband knows it, it's taken all romance out of it, and no baby resulting. So I understand totally the lack of any excitement with a positive OPK.

It is so incredibly hard to stay positive, your feelings are so, so valid.

I hope you are feeling a little better today. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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Thanks ladies. We BD last night but it was for fun. I had all the post O symptoms already so I was pretty sure I O'd. I think this Christmas I am going to have myself a few drinks! Started last night when we went out to dinner, I ordered myself a sangria. It was yummy. We are getting a treadmill after christmas and we have decided to start exercising with the hope that it would make a difference. So that's our new plan for now.