Urology Appointment

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Urology Appointment

DH and I had an appt with a Urogolist who is fellowship trained in MFI. DH had an exam and they did blood work.

He mentioned three things:

A) Test hormone levels (thus the blood work). If this is the case, it can be treated w/meds.

Dirol Based soley on DHs SA results, he felt that we might be dealing with retrograde ejaculation (where the sperm goes backwards into the bladder). He said something about the fact that his SA results were so sporadic and inconsistent... apparently this is one of the biggest signs. If this is the case, it can be treated w/meds.

C) After the exam, he said DH has a varicocele (cluster of veins in the testicles which cuts off blood supply to the sperm). On a scale of I-III, III being the worst, he graded DH as a I. He did however feel that this is contributing to the low motility and poor morphology. They treat this with a minimally invasive surgical procedure (recovery time 2wks).

After discussing all of these things, we made an appt for end of April to go back for an SA followed by a urine analysis to check for B.

We have a follow up appt scheduled with Urologist the first of May to discuss lab results and create a plan, which will more than likely include the surgery mentioned above.

Until then, we are laying low and trying not to focus on any of this infertility stuff too much.

Would love some input by any fellow MFI'ers out there...

Thanks for reading!

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Sounds like you got quite a bit of information at your appointment! And it sounds promising. Its tough not knowing the reasons for your infertility. We went years not knowing why my husband has MFI. It was very very frustrating! Ultimately for us, his MFI is caused by a balanced translocation of two chromosomes. Something that should have been discovered when we had bloodwork done with the first RE we met with (2005), but the lab 'lost' the results of the karotyping test and he didn't feel it was necessary to redo it as he felt it wouldn't likely show anything wrong. Sad We sadly had VERY bad experiences with RE's and our ttc journey. It was 2009 (after many IUI's and 3 attempts at IVF) when we finally learned the reason and it was at MY request and after many google searches (I didn't know the name of the bloodtest that the lab lost at the first clinic). Anyhow, this isn't about me, I just wanted to say that I understand the frustration when you feel like there is no known cause for MFI. I hope that you get more answers at your appointment in May helps you and your husband put together a good plan for ttc! I think its great you're taking a bit of a break over the next few weeks to just enjoy life and each other. Ttc can be so very stressful and a break is always good for the soul. Smile As always, wishing you the very best Michele!