Vent (OT)

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Vent (OT)

Obviously the perks of being a teacher is having the summer off! Although by August I'm broke, I still love every minute of it. I think my job is very draining and just relaxing in the summer is what I look forward to. I must have daycare written on my forehead this year (sorry if it sounds harsh) but its true.

My cousin had a baby in Feb and has a sitter but since I live on the same block she works in she wants me to take care of her baby. Mind you she tells me the day after the transfer when my emotions are running wild. I told her I wasn't sure but I am going to tell her no. I don't know if I'm pregnant and if I am I'm high risk because of my BP and not to metnion DH works from home. Her idea is to be able to just hang out all day with me and the baby and quite frankly I don't want to. I can't care for a baby, I'm trying to take care of myself first.

So now I was just talking to DH's SIL and she was trying to tell me in an indirect way to take care of her 2 kids. A 4th grader and a 3rd grader. The 3rd grades BEHAVES VERY BADLY!!! I mean BADLY!!!! I don't want that kind of stress!!!

So I told her no and I am not sure if thats going to fly well with the family now. WTH, I'm obviously going thru something here can't they see that! I don't even know if I'm pregnant and God Forbid if I'm not I have to do this mess all over again!!!!!!

UGHHHH!!!! Sorry just needed to get that off my chest. Am I being insensitive?? Mean??? Please tell me the truth!

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No, you are not being insensitive or mean. What they are asking is equivalent to you asking them to watch your kids (and I know you don't have any) during their two week vacation from work. That is not being fair to you. If it was a day or two maybe but not for the summer.

Teachers need and deserver their breaks!

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I'm glad that you feel the same. I actually have a DD and that is one of my main reasons for not wanting to take care of them. THe youngest boy is constantly bothering my daughter. I mean I know there kids but my daughter is very naive and gets her feelings hurt easily and he can be very rude and says mean things to her. That's the last thing I want to spend 2.5 months dealing with and I also believe it can ultimately ruin the family relationship.

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I think you are totally right to say no. They shouldn't feel entitled to dump their kids on you just b/c you happen to have a longer break (or any break for that matter). You need time to spend with your DD. Just tell them you are very busy this summer and it's just not possible. Which is the truth, esp if you get "good news".

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I think it's totally within your right to say no. It's your time off and people shouldn't just assume that because you are off, you have to help them out!!

On a side note though - why broke by the end of summer? All my teacher friends get their pay cheques spread over the entire year so even if they are off in the summer, they get their regular pay. Maybe it's different up here though....

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All I have to say is too bad if they don't like it. You have your own life and are going through so much right now. If they don't understand that, that is THEIR problem not yours. You have every right to take care of yourself first and foremost. Good luck and don't let them get to you!!!