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Does anyone know much about this and if it's successful at all?

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I used it. I was on it for about 8 months when I tried it. So I gave it a fair shot. It didn't help me much, but it's been known to help so many women to regulate their cycles, reduce pms symptoms, among other things (it's been awhile so I don't recall all it's benefits). I would get periods on my own while on Vitex but I was charting my bbt and it didn't seem I was ovulating on it.

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I haven't used it but my sister did for non-TTC purposes - she has endometriosis, irregular cycles and really painful, heavy periods. The vitex, also called chasteberry, helped regulate her cycles and lightened her flow a little. Because it's an herb with very real medicinal qualities, I would suggest you do a lot of research or talk with an herbalist about it before using it, and keep in mind that it could likely take a while (possibly several cycles) before you start to notice a big difference. Smile

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I used it while TTC at one point and felt like it messed with my cycle more than helped it (I have shortish LPs, 8-10 days). Having endo to some degree that causes severe pain around AF, I did notice it tremendously help with that. But for TTC, I wasn't a fan.

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I tried it but found it messed up my temps and I didn't O, I don't normally anyway but it didn't help me to O either.

My temps were so messed up FF would give me CH then take it away a few days later when my temps dropped again. When I stopped taking it my temps dropped and stayed back to their normal range.